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MY 2021 owner - test drove MY 2023

Hey all, just wanted to post my opinion of my Model Y 2023 test drive today. I have a Model Y 2021 SR from Freemont. I was in at Tesla Service to get a very small issue fixed, and while I was waiting they offered me to test drive the 2023 Model Y RWD. Of course I said "Yes", as this is essentially the same specs (on paper) as my car - 394km range, RWD. Same as mine.

Ok yes, the 2023 has some interior changes, Ryzen CPU, comfort suspension, no USS, etc. I know all of that, but I wanted to see how the comfort suspension was compared to mine, and also check out the interior quality/feel, fit and finish.

Honestly I came away underwhelmed. Yes, the comfort suspension is a bit softer, but not that much. You could notice a slight difference over smaller bumps, but not so much over larger bumps. It was similar to my 2021.

There are minor interior changes, like carpet in the door pockets, new trim for the doors, the newer centre console (I have the old one). The 2023 Model Y I tested had black seats and the wood trim. Honestly the "wood" trim looked and felt cheap. I have black/white interior in my car and I like that better. Personal preference of course. But something about the materials felt "cheaper" to me, I don't know, it just felt that way. The 2023 I test drove is made in China as you know.

In terms of fit and finish, squeaks and rattles, honestly the car I test drove wasn't any better or worse than mine. I heard the same kind of rattles/vibrations as I do on my car. And I think my car is actually pretty good - it's very quiet on good pavement - no squeaks or rattles. This car didn't have any either, but had the same kind of suspension noises over larger bumps as mine does. Perhaps just a tiny bit less. Not much. The 2023 is probably a bit quieter in the interior, but it was really hard to gauge that in my short test drive.

So overall I came away really happy with my 2021 compared to the 2023. I really found no reason to "upgrade" to the comfort suspension after this test drive - the differences were not that great. Maybe 10-15% improvement, mostly over smaller bumps, not larger ones. Fit and finish was the same as my car, the main screen worked the same (I have Intel Atom). My car drives exactly the same as the 2023 and the same as the day I bought it, and I have 50,000 km on it!

So I'm happy to keep my 2021 and wait for the real Model Y refresh comes out, whenever that will be.