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My Tesla Model 3 SR+ Delivery Experience

Discussion in 'Model 3: Ordering, Production, Delivery' started by Gazoo11, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Gazoo11

    Gazoo11 New Member

    Jun 9, 2019
    My Tesla Model 3 SR+ Delivery Experience

    Unfortunately I do not have my new Tesla I was suppose to pick up yesterday in Oakville.

    When I received the call to confirm delivery date from Ed Galvez from Tesla 2 Bloor Street location to confirm delivery I specifically asked will the car be inspected for paint issues and general inspection before I get there. He advised me that yes it has been preinspected and ready to go.

    Well the day finally came for me to finally get my Tesla. Drove down from Barrie, picked up a buddy and drove to the Tesla Oakville Location.

    Service advisor pulls me over to sign all the papers and pay the outstanding balance on the car prior to even seeing the car? I thought this was very strange but no problem let get it done so I can go out and see my car. I asked the advisor David about the paint issue on the Tesla’s and was told” we are building 5000 cars a week and our quality control has never been better”. When I was signing everything my wife and buddy were checking out the car.

    We walked out to the car and noticed a few things on the exterior like line in paint (which was buffed out later) but not paying much attention to detail yet as I wanted to get into it. As I was in the car the Salesman informed me that he will have to leave because he has another appointment. I just sat there and was astonished that he was rushing me or that is how I felt after David saying this.

    After I got back out I walked around the car as I was not hurrying at looking at the seams, seals, scratches and paint defects. I walked around to the drivers side

    And to my amazement on the front passenger door at the bottom was two pieces of tape stuck to the car in the car’s paint colour! I question these and David pulled one piece off and it left a mark as a couple of layers came with the tape. When I went to pull the other piece he said not to?

    Advisor Cameron came out and we were talking and I was told that they can mark it down and I will be called to come in for a repair? A brand new car needing body work? Cameron and David then said they will take it in to the shop and see what they can do. 20-30 minutes later the car came out and I was advised that they fixed it. We went and looked at the car and noticed right away that where the tape was now the paint has a indentation like it was missing layers of paint. I was so disappointed and could not understand both advisors telling me it was fixed? Was this why it was available without me having to order as the previous person also refused the vehicle and it was then offered to me? Who knows.

    I was thinking at this point no wonder I was being rushed as they just wanted me to leave without hopefully noticing this issue. It all made sense now.

    Since it would have to go in the shop to be repaired it did not sit well with me as I do not want body work done to my brand new car that I have not even taken off the lot. I advised David & Cameron this. David sorta of disappeared at this point and Cameron dealt with us and was very good at dealing with this issue. He advised me first thing Monday morning he will be looking for a replacement for me ASAP. However, he did indicate to me that because it is the blue with the white interior it might be difficult to do so. I get it and have no issues especially someone who is trying to help rectify this issue.

    The biggest disappointment is HOW this car left the factory with this obvious issue (painted over tape) and passed Tesla’s quality control and then get to the dealership in Oakville and past a pre delivery inspection without anyone seeing it. I wish I took pictures but it was very noticeable. Very poor quality control.

    I not only asked Edward regarding the inspection upon confirming delivery date and was advised it will be inspected prior to me picking it up. Then I asked the David the same question at the dealership before seeing the car regarding paint issues and quality control and again advised they are all pre delivery inspected and “we are making 5000 vehicles a week and our quality control has never been better”. So I feel I was basically lied to by numerous Tesla employees and instead of thinking I am dealing with higher end car company that they are the same as all others. They don’t care and just want to push customers into cars. I know this is harsh but there is no way that this tape\paint issue should have ever left the factory never mind past the pre inspection delivery check.

    Cameron did advise me that when he gets in Monday morning he will try and find me a vehicle and hopefully I will get it ASAP. Cameron did come across as sincere and I hope he does come through for me. Let’s hope for the best but I am not holding my breath and maybe the Tesla dream car was not meant to be as this might be a sign. Don’t know?

    Saying this I now wasted a day driving to tesla and have to cancel my insurance that I arranged on the Tesla. Cancel my tint appointment that was scheduled for Monday, cannot sell my present car not knowing time frame of getting a new one. Not sure if bank draft will have to be destroyed and replaced as I live in Barrie and my bank is in Toronto. Not being able to be petrol free as I still have fill my vehicle with gas:(. Concerned if\when I get a new one am I going to have a similar experience.

    It should not be this difficult to purchase a new car and unfortunately I seen the Tesla brand as the Apple of Cars in service and reputation. Unfortunately this has changed.

    Let’s hope for a better outcome.
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  2. Bill Foster

    Bill Foster Member

    Mar 6, 2019
    Paint touch up work is done by every manufacturer I have worked for at the VPC, sometimes small reshoots, sometimes repainting entire panels, Tesla just seems to have a hard time catching it before delivery.

    I would have taken the car and just had them fix it later.
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  3. raptor5244

    raptor5244 Member

    May 10, 2019
    Not surprised. I bought two model 3s this past month and I can tell the build quality is not up to par with many of the other major brands just yet. I am willing to overlook some of it since they excel in many other design areas. I have scuffed up rocker panels, missing fender well push rivets, poorly installed weatherstripping. The design, components and materials are all good but you can tell the cars are rushed through the assembly process.

    Painted tape on the body as you mentioned is excessive.
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  4. justinchu77

    justinchu77 Member

    Jun 7, 2019
    dang, this is probably more noticeable on the blue too.
    Im waiting for my white on black, hope I can spot tapes...
    Thanks though, I'll be sure to look out for tapes and make sure not to sign ANYTHING first.

    Good luck...ya buying a $50-60K car should not be like this.
  5. SoManyM3s

    SoManyM3s Member

    Apr 21, 2019
    Yeah paint over tape cannot be accepted, that whole panel will need to be sanded down and repainted. they will commonly scratch trim while doing the sanding and and have paint runs and overspray. I'm glad you didn't accept a defective product and let them get away with it.
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  6. DOC52

    DOC52 Member

    May 29, 2019
    I had my car picked up through power of attorney by a good friend and the DA tried to pull this same stunt of having me wire money before seeing the car. I got him on the phone and informed him that would not happen and that I have been seeing paint and cracked glass at delivery online. After being stubborn, he agreed they could check it out before the wire transfer.

    My car was near flawless. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully they can get you one and you don’t miss out on the 1.7k rebate. I probably would have just asked for a discount of some sort
  7. Crgkart

    Crgkart Member

    May 13, 2019
    Any chance the car was repainted at the delivery center? I can't see Tesla using masking tape during the entire painting process at the factory.

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