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Navigate on Autopilot Speed Issue

I have a 2020 Model Y with FSD at software version 2021.4.12. I used Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) to transition from a 55 MPH Interstate directly onto a 55 MPH Parkway via a one lane curved exit/entrance ramp marked at 25 MPH (although my experience is most people drive the connecting ramp at 35 MPH). Approaching the exit, at 55 MPH with NOA, an exit lane opens on the right and the car moves into the exit lane ✓, with right blinker on ✓. still doing 55 MPH. The car enters the exit ramp curve, not slowing down enough (in my opinion). It seemed to me that it was going to take the exit ramp at 55 MPH, much too fast for the ramp curve. I rapidly rotated the cruise speed wheel 3 times to manually reduce the crude speed to 40 MPH.

Perhaps if I waited one more second the car would have slowed to a reasonable speed but I could not take that chance, and had to act.

The map had the exit ramp curve accurately depicted. Once on the entrance lane of the parkway I had to manually increased the cruise speed.

I assume the NOA design is to slow to a safe speed on an exit ramp and not just maintain the highway speed on the ramp.

What is the experience of others?
My MY FSD NOA experience follows your scenario exactly for many of the on/off merge ramps in Ohio. The MY either abruptly turns into the off ramp, and self corrects back to what it thinks is now the center of the lane, only to sway the passengers (and scare the %& out of me) and it usually does this at break neck speed of the highway, which is quite teeth grinding. Then when the MY fully enters the clover leaf curve section (see below), the MY hard brakes to a lower speed that I would have rather it slowed downed over a longer period of the off ramp portion. I have many of these crazy off-ramps marked in my head and turn off the MY's FSD and manually enter/exit the clover leaf and re-engauge.

The same issue happens on clover leafs that dump into a two lane merge (se below), where the MY's FSD swerves back and forth desperately searching for which lane it should be in when confronted with this two lane, then prompting me to confirm a merge, and then ditching the whole process with a 'Take control immediately'.

I definitely like FSD for highway driving, but for most on/off ramps and basic to complex cloverleafs, the beta FSD is far too unrefined in self driving techniques to allow it to handle them 100%. And anything less than 100%, I am more than happy to manually take control and re-engage FSD when back on the next stretch of the highway!

Timberridge Speed Limit Map.jpg