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Netherlands - Japan Tesla owners exchange

To TMC members,

Hi, this is Alan Nakamura from Japan again. I made a post a while ago, hoping to talk with Dutch Tesla owners, and I was able to meet with two kind owners at the Tesla Europe HQ in Amsterdam.

These two owners have taken time out of their busy schedule to meet with me and told me many things about Tesla and the situation in the Netherlands. We were then able to have dinner together, and I had such a great conversation with them.
I sincerely thank you for welcoming me.

I was amazed by these owners' enthusiasm towards Tesla, and I will pass on to the Japanese owners how active and motivated these Dutch owners were. I myself felt that I could learn a lot from these people.

What interested me the most was the story about the charity rally hosted by the owners. How so many owners participated and even had sponsors to the event made me want to host a similar event in Japan. It was inspiring to hear that the biggest reason for participation was simply because it's fun to do so. I felt the strong ties the owners had. So we'll see how it works with Japanese owners.

I hope that my serendipitous encounter with great Dutch owners becomes a starting point for communication between the two countries, so that we can further deepen our love towards Tesla and enrich our lives as Tesla owners.

I will continue to send out information about Teslas in Japan, and I wish to hear more exciting news from you too. And last but not least, let us know when you visit Japan.

Alan Nakamura
   This is a summary of my visit to Amsterdam
Hi, Netherland members.

I will report the" SuperCharger meeting" which was held last weekend as a memorable the first post.
It was held in Nagoya (Aichi Pref.) in the center of Japan.
The event that owner volunteers gather voluntarily and celebrate the SuperCharger that was established this time.
There were similar events several times before, this time the largest number of 44 people / 37 units gathered in Nagoya.
We enjoyed exchange meetings and parade run over the last two days of the weekend.
Although it's small compared to the scale of the Netherlands, I think that future collaboration between owners will further expand with such an event.



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meetup group party was held at a hot spring inn Kobo no Yu owned by TESLA owner who set up a destination chaeging spot on last weekend.
It is a venerable hot spring inn of Japanese style.
38 owners gathered this day and organizer was also surprised.
destination chaeging spot as well as supercharger is increasing in Japan, and we hope build more network.
At the end of the meetup, we did the touring parade towards the Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces of World Heritage.


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To TMC memmbers

Participated in the EV parade in Fuji Subaruline where sightseeing road Mt.Fuji, Japan.

environmental deterioration due to traffic congestion, Fuji Subaruline has been started automobile regulations since 1994 during Fuji climbing period from 7/10 to 9/10.

Last year, prefectural administration decided that eco-friendly EV can only pass that way. In commemoration of this, the event was held to appeal to the environmentally friendly EV.

Representative of EV Owner's Club, representative of Tesla owners Club, and development staff of Nissan New Leaf participated and held a talk show of EV.
The parade ran 40 cars of EV.
Tesla participated in a total of 18 members and the model S and X.

Unfortunately, the interview from TV was canceled due to concentrated torrential rain, but the pattern of the parade was broadcast on television.At the night, EV owners gathered and a small party was held.

You can see the part of events in the video.



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Hi robertvg

In fact, consumers' needs are still low for EV in Japan, and there are few support measures for the country.

The sales volume of EV and FCV is extremely small. (Tesla is not included because it is unpublished)

Most of the sales of passenger cars is Nissan Leaf, but it can not be said to be the best seller.

In the future, we can expect from Tesla's Model 3 and European EV vehicles entering Japan.

Alan Nakamura
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Tesla Owners Club Japan officially recognized by the TESLA headquarters has been launched.

At the teleconference on August 8, we also reported the establishment of the Japanese Club to the Tesla headquarters.

Since the owner's opinion was also one way because it was an informal club so far, from now on it can be requested directly as an opinion of the Japanese owner.

Currently about 120 members. With this inauguration, information sharing and events among owners will become more popular than ever.

We hope that exchanges with the Netherlands will be even greater through this club.
On September 29th (Sat), the 19th supercharger station in Japan opened in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture.
The Kisarazu supercharger station is located 2 minutes from the Tokyo Bay Aqualine Kisarazu Kaneda interchange and it is located in a place that makes leisurely convenient charging when accessing from Tokyo to various parts of Boso Peninsula.
We are eager to further expand the charging network.
In early November, I went to San Francisco with several TOCJ members and Alan Nakamura.
People who came via Seattle and those who went to later SEMA show gathered at SFO.
The purpose of the tour is to visit TESLA FACTORY in Fremont.
Everyone was surprised at the manufacturing process of Model 3 that is produced one after another, and we wanted to release the Japanese in early stage.

Another purpose is a test drive of Model 3. Three different types of cars were prepared using a local sharing system.
We alternately tried each car and enjoyed driving until everyone was satisfied.


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