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New member from Bavaria, Germany

I'm actually a Brit, fugitive from Brexit, living in Germany. I'm just south of Ingolstadt where Audi make a few cars and north of Munich where BMW seem to make a few cars. I'm in the aerospace industry.

I'm waiting for my Model 3 to arrive. I actually ordered a Model 3 back in 2016 and put a 1k€ down and was looking forward to taking delivery earlier this year when I had a hitch with my employment contract and I cancelled! It took a while to get things sorted out and although I never missed any paychecks I didn't get around to reordering until last month.

I did this after first renting a model 3 for a day and then for a further two days. On the second occasion we took the car to Austria and we had the nice experience of seeing the charge level increase from 78% to 80% as we crested a rise and heading down into a valley. We tried the whole experience of destination charging and Supercharging just to see how that worked. The rental company asked that we bring the car back in a high state of charge. The charge gets put on their account and the experience of just plugging in, letting it charge for 20 minutes or so then unplugging and driving away was a very nice. By the time I took the car back I was ready to buy. I'd suggest to anyone dithering to invest in a brief rental. You can also determine which of those expensive options you really need.
Welcome to the Forum Jetex Jim. Congrats on your purchase! Another Tesla (soon to be) on the Autobahn.

Quick fun story . . . I had the opportunity to live and work in Germany for 5 years (loved it). Upon moving back the the States, I knew I had to sell my German car (2007 Passat wagon Diesel) and buy a new car once I was back home. Wanted to get an EV, if only for the car pool lane sticker, and the Model S was really the only good looking EV (and reminded me of the Audi A5 4-door, which I also liked design-wise). Only place I could get a test drive at that time was the Tesla store in downtown Frankfurt. When I got there, they wouldn't let me drive it, but were happy to "throttle" me down the length of the parking lot (50~70 meters long). Several full acceleration / deceleration journeys later I was sold. Placed the order in June from Germany, moved back in July and picked up my car in August from the factory. That was 2013!

The rest, as they say, is history (and still love to drive the car every day)!
Thanks, Germany is a fabulous place. Bavaria somehow manages to have all the facilities of the 21st century with a 1950's aesthetic.

"Another Tesla (soon to be) on the Autobahn." Yes, now I'm reduced to waiting for ships to pass thru the Panama canal and search html code for VIN numbers. :)

Quick question, How do I change my posting icon to one with a graphic?