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New Model Y Purchase Observations

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I just picked up my Ultra Red, white interior, 20" wheel, tow hitched model Y on March 26th. I am coming from a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD. Here are some things I have noticed.
  1. Every input is heavier or requires more force on the Y. The accelerator, steering, braking and maybe even touch screen inputs(ha ha). The 3 feels light and nimble by comparison. Even with settings set the same. Not surprising going from RWD to AWD but very noticeable.
  2. The Y feels more planted and stable. It is faster and I even have the acceleration boost but the fast is straight line in nature. I just need to get used to the added bulk for slicing up roads and traffic but I am sure the 3 is a better tool for that activity.
  3. I love the hatch-back and extra room of the Y. Powered tailgate is great. Not falling into or climbing out is a plus too I guess.
  4. The color combo makes it much easier to find when amongst many other Teslas
  5. Range is close for both cars. I do 110 miles a day commuting. Model 3 Charges to 90% overnight and gets to work (55 miles) at 60% or so. Model Y charges to 85% and arrives to work at about 60% as well. I am driving at least 70mph and am often having fun accelerating and going a bit faster on the back deserted roads.
I was lucky in my timing and bought at the perfect time. Free color, inventory discount, $1000 cybertruck preorder credit, referral bonus points (used to buy acceleration boost and console trays), 5000 supercharging miles.

I purchased advanced autopilot as well. I really just wanted the lane change without having to stop and restart AP when driving.

The new FSD beta released just after purchase as well, nice. I have three months free.

One question: My vehicle specs show Full Self-Driving Capability currently. Is this what people with a trial see?

One question: My vehicle specs show Full Self-Driving Capability currently. Is this what people with a trial see?
Every Tesla selling right now has that showing in the vehicle specs. This only means it has FSD hardware(HW4 specifically for 2023, 2024 models) in this vehicle and it can have FSD feature live anytime if you pay for it or getting it free(like trial).