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Noises while highway driving

Occasionally I've had a clicking noise in both my M3 and in an older Volvo S60. In both cars it turned out that small pieces of leaves had been sucked into the ventilation system and in both cases the noise eventually went away. I found out about the cause the hard way, by paying a Volvo tech to look into it at the labor rate of $138 per hour. It cost me almost $300 and all they did was vacuum out the vents! So when I heard a similar noise in my Tesla, I just waited a few days and the noise went away. Your clicking noise may be from a different problem, but keep this in mind.
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honestly i have been searching forever for a source of this clicking. there are so many threads about so many different "clicks" and "clunks". I have noticed a bit of wind noise at the top rear corner of the drivers side window glass. A way I isolated it was by adjusting the window full up position while driving and you can make it change. It also is dependent on cabin pressure(blower speed and whether its on recirc mode or not), you can also put a piece of masking tape over the edge of the glass and climb in through the passengers side and drive it down the road to eliminate it. Probably just by design.

However there appears to be a noise on my doors that clicks, or like a stick/unstick sound when I go over uneven surfaces, or accelerate quickly, or go over certain bumps. I have noticed with the door open there is a contact/witness mark on the door tweeter housing from contacting the door seal.. does anyone else have this? I'll get some photos later to help and maybe you can see if this is your source of noise? I'm thinking the speaker housing itself is either loose or not quite placed right as it seems much louder on the drivers side, but every once in a while I hear it from the same area on the passenger side also.

I knew engine noise would do a lot to cover up cabin Noise/Vibration/Harshness but damn I was not prepared for EV level sound annoyance in the cabin lol. I think I also hear some clicking/rattling from the drivers rear door speaker also.. Saving up a list of concerns for the Service center as my visits are rarely awesome..
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The wind noise in my 2021 bothers me. I was tempted to try one of those big rubber gaskets but I don't think it'll work on a 2021 because it looks like there's already some sort of flat seal in the glass groove and I don't want to damage that. I'm tempted to get out my calking gun with some clear sealant. ;)

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