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OEM License Plate Frame

Where can I purchase a second OEM Model Y license plate frame to match the one that comes with the car? I live in a 2 plate state unfortunately and the car only came with 1 frame. Tesla.com only sells the Model 3 in their store.
The license plate frame and assembly for the front of the car should be sitting in your Frunk or in the lower compartment of your Trunk (or somewhere in your Trunk).

It's standard to get both but most SCs do not attach the front since most people (even in 2 plate states) don't want the front plate on for aesthetic reasons.

If your front plate assembly is missing, go back to your SC (service center) and ask for one.

If you're looking for just the silver license plate frame that says "Model Y," that goes around the license plate, you do not need it to install/attach the front license plate.