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May 7, 2015
New Mexico
My wife says that the only reason I agree to take long(ish) car drives is the perverse joy i take in staring at maps for hours and then building my own personalized custom route planner to make final choices. I vehemently reject that characterization, although I will admit that without Superchargers everywhere, a trip has choices to make, and trade-offs to accept.

Longer charging stops at more desirable places ?
More car miles to enjoy faster charging ?
Does the charging stop play nice with hunger ?

Our upcoming trip is Albuquerque, NM to Center, CO and then back -- all in a day.
I have narrowed down my choices to either focusing my charging in Taos at 10 kW or investing in fast charging in Trinidad.

One thing I will say: these trips *do* require planning to some degree, and all those gazillions of car owners who are hesitant to drop their ICE addiction for fear of having to look at a map or taking a more laid back approach to getting somewhere at some specific time are not wrong.

More to follow, and if you see a golden route I have missed, please chime in.

P.s., Dear Tesla: Alamosa
You seem to be an "optimizer" like me... why reject your very nature? :D
You are correct, there are plenty of areas that are not (yet) well served by superchargers. I think the other DCFC infrastructure isn't that much better but I digress. It is why around here, many people in local Tesla groups state that the CHAdeMO adapter is mandatory. It's clearly not mandatory for many people, me included, but it's certainly a good tool to have in certain situations. It might make your planning easier, or offer you more interesting options.
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