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Passenger Door opens when car put in park?

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I have a 2013 Model S. I have experienced an odd occurrence: when I put the car in park the passenger door kicks ajar. It has happened a couple of times for me and a couple of times to my wife. Has anyone experienced this? I hesitate to take it in for service because I won't likely be able to recreate the problem since it has only happened a few times...so far.
I know what you mean! Mine has been doing that since last Winter. I had the handle serviced in the Spring and they didn't fix it. I've discovered that it is exasperated when you actually pull on the door handle to get into that side. Then, unbeknownst by you, it doesn't retract fully. When you put it in park, it pops open. Doesn't happen every time, I know. But when it does, it can scare the stew out of your passenger! Last month I took my 2017 MS to our new SS near Rochester NY. It's not a full service garage, but they knew what my problem was right away: the handle wasn't adjusted correctly and it was hanging up (occasionally) when retracting . They tweaked mine and it hasn't happened since!
Good Luck!
This is an adjustment problem with the handle limit switch. Had a door pop upon just at the moment I put the car into park. Service replaced the handle and the controller I believe. Said they don’t/can’t adjust the limit switch, but I believe I’ve read about some people adjusting them. There are some aftermarket limit switch kits now. Get it fixed...
Not sure you manage to repair it, but I had same for my driver door.

It is just a simple adjustment of the handle (one sensor has to be adjusted by slightly pulling one screw).
First of course you have to remove handle from the door - and there are few good movies showing how to do this.
It took me over an hour first to remove handle, and an extra hour to figure out what is wrong (I though wires or sensor itself, but finally.. it was a small screw).
(pict from Door Handle Paddle Gear Replacement)


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Not sure which handle version you have but follow my picture and orange circle. There should be microswitch which touches screw. This screw should be adjusted so the switch enable itself earlier or later. This screw as I recall can be adjusted also from installed handle. As adjustment can be done once handle is installed