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Preventing mirrors from auto folding

Tesla suggested that when snow or ice are expected we should turn off auto folding of the mirrors (I do not use location folding) to prevent damage from a folded mirror trying to open against ice. I have set this on the menu, but it seems to revert to auto folding every time I use the car. Is there a way to prevent this return to auto? I could not find this in a search of the site, or in the manual.--Thanks.
Thank you both for your helpful replies. I'll check to see what profile it is on. I did it after entering the car with my phone, not the card, but I am not sure if I pressed the brake. I didn't think about profiles when I did it, as I did not realize that would be profile-related. It is more related to the weather (for this use) or to the car's location than it is to the person driving, I would say, but I guess Tesla gives each driver the option. I'll check later. Thanks again.