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Price check: 2017 Model S 75D with SC01

Hi everyone,

Was wondering if I could get a price check on a local model S I am looking at.

Here are the specs:

2017 model S 75D
Original HV battery and DU
75,000 miles
Free premium connectivity and SC01 FUSC
Blue exterior, tan interior
Standard suspension
Power and lighting package
19" slipstreams
Black headliner
No third row
No spoiler
Body colored roof

Drive unit and battery warranty good til 2025
What's it worth?

Seems like a bit of a unicorn to me with AP2 and SC01? Standard suspension, no sunroof and no LDU make it seem even more dependable long term to me?
Reliability is probably pretty good on that model, but there are no guarantees, of course. If you are valuing SC01 for yourself and this is at a dealership, make sure you do your research on this forum on the circumstances when SC01 will not transfer even if the car has this feature right now.

In terms of pricing, in a soft market for used Teslas, it's more about how quickly you want to accomplish your purchase. Whatever you pay, you'll likely have some regrets in a few months that you could have gotten a better deal, so just try to be happy with the personal value to you. (I'm saying this as someone who bought a used Tesla at the height of the price frenzy. Still very happy with my car despite the huge depreciation hit over the past year.)
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It really depends on your location and what's available for sale. Here in CA, where there are a bunch of used S for sale, I would say no more than $30K. Looking at what's available in Raleigh, not as many available and they are priced much higher ($35K+).

If the condition is good and doesn't need any repairs or tires, I would offer $30K and work from there.