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Rapid City, SD to Sheridan, WY

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I know there is lots of chatter on the best way to manage the run from Rapid City to Sheridan. I made it straight through at the end of July. The key is the speed. I charged to 274 and then set out. I set the cruise at 65 and did not budge. My avg Wh/mi was 285 and we arrived with 30 miles remaining charge. I was driving an 85D with 19" cyclones. The temp was upper 80's and there was probably a 10-15 mph cross-wind.

I hope this helps for anyone considering making the run.

P.S. The return trip is a bit easier. I set it for 65 again and was able to take it up to 70 for the last 65 miles and still finished with 33 charge left. My final Wh/mi was an amazing 265. In addition, it was probably 98 degrees on the return trip.
Thanks for the update. I thought you could make it, just about like you said (I, too, have an 85D with 19" wheels).
We did it a few months ago and it took a long time with a couple long, slow charge stops (Gilette and Sheridan) on the way.
Thanks again.
I just want to confirm that this trip is possible.
Full Range Charge is required.
I would not recommend going over 65mph.
I started with a 38F morning so the batteries may have been less than ideal.
I finished in the teens as a percentage of battery. Maybe I could have managed it on a 90% charge but the Trip Estimator disagreed with that idea.
It started at -3% and slowly climbed to what I think was 13% in the end. I know it was teens, but it was moving around a lot. This was actually the least stable trip estimation I experienced. Fewer hills near Rapid City, so that helped.

But the point being, it's possible to go from Sheridan WY to Rapid City SD with an 85 if you don't go crazy and keep in mind you have a long patient trip.