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Mountain & Southwest

  1. B

    New Tire Trade-in Credit?

    Hey all--just ordered my LRMY and I'm stoked. Seeing as I live in CO, I was planning on getting some slightly more aggressive tires/rims. Curious if anyone has been able to trade in their stock tires for some sort of credit towards new ones? Or maybe that's not really a thing anymore. Thanks!
  2. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Draper, UT

    https://www.draper.ut.us/DocumentCenter/View/9493/Staff-Report--Draper-Cross-Tesla-Station What: New 12-stall V3 supercharger planned for the parking lot of the Draper Crossing Shopping Center (Smith's, TJ Maxx, etc). Address: 208 E 12300 S, Draper, UT 84020 GPS: 40.526531, -111.885910 @Chuq...
  3. gjunky

    Where will the new Scottsdale Service Center be Located?

    I was told that the Scottsdale Service center is moving to a dedicated new location. Does anyone know where this might be (apparently it is close to the existing one). I searched for building permits but didn't find any.
  4. MountainRoad

    Experience with Ceramic Pro Coating in CO?

    I’m considering having my Model S coated with Ceramic Pro 9H by this detailing shop here in Boulder, CO: Ceramic Coating – Boulder Auto Detail Any suggestions based on prior experience? My car is more than a year old and I’ve never coated or wrapped it, so I would be particularly interested to...
  5. ce2078

    Supercharger - Payson AZ

    Found a permit for the Payson Supercharger. Permit # PY1803-037 applied for 3/19/2018. Lists the address as 201 N. Beeline Hwy. Seems to be the NW corner of Hwy 260 and 87. @BlueShift
  6. morrisdl

    5000+ Mile Road trip: No charging OK>>AR on Rt40

    I know this is hardly pioneering, but we excited and a little nervous about a couple long stretches between superchargers. Our extended family all think we are crazy - Most ask "how long of an extension cord are you going to need?" The supercharger network is an unfortunate secret. Thanks for...
  7. B

    Denver to Maroon Bells?

    Looking at a trip late Spring or early Summer (when Independence Pass is open). Any one do this trip? Thoughts on 70 to Glenwood SC vs Silverthorne and over Independence Pass?
  8. T

    WTB: 21” grey turbine wheel

    front staggered: 13 p85+ In Arizona
  9. Solarman004

    Denver Service Center Contact Update- Mar 2018

    If other Denver, CO customers are like me and have been around since the old Evans Rd facility was open, you have collected a variety of phone numbers and emails with which to contact the SC. Some of them work, others are no longer valid. In setting up for my next annual routine maintenance, I...
  10. Chuq

    New store - Las Vegas (W Sahara Ave)

    I just saw this news article but couldn't find an existing thread about it! Tesla opens new 26K square-foot Las Vegas showroom I'm guessing the old location will be a dedicated service centre?
  11. jpaz

    3rd Phoenix Supercharger Coming?

    I know they have started to build at the Arizona Biltmore location and the location in NW Phoenix at the 101 and I-17 should be opening any day, but on Tesla.com, there is a third location "coming soon." The marker (which I realize is not necessarily geographically accurate) is someplace near...
  12. iCAR

    Supercharger needed in Kanab, UT?

    Does anyone else see a need for another Supercharger location between Page and the other southern Utah locations - Beaver, Richfield and St George? Charging in Page heading North is nice, but driving Hwy 89 is a stretch to Beaver in my S85 without adding charge overnight at a hotel with a 110v...
  13. cantdecide

    X 75D for sale

    It is time for us to let go of our Tesla model X 75D as we have upgraded to an XP100DL. Currently in located Boulder, CO. Asking $75,500 Blue X 75D uncorked Ultra White Seats (the ventilated version) Six Seat Interior Autopilot Smart Air Suspension Premium Interior Package Ultra High Fidelity...
  14. asimo3089

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ - E. Skyline Drive (La Encantada Mall)

    Ran to Apple tonight for some charging cables at La Encantada. While exiting the place through the back, we discovered some crates. I knew the crates looked familiar and had to turn around for a picture. They're located at the upper level behind Anthropologie with about a dozen spots gated off...
  15. gjunky

    Supercharger - Sedona AZ

    Anyone have any info on where this one will be located? Any scouts out there?
  16. tinm

    Updates on SB 255, a new pro-Tesla bill introduced in 2018 New Mexico legislative session

    This thread will be a place-holder for news and updates about SB 255, introduced yesterday in the state legislature in Santa Fe, NM. Here's the page with info on and the text of the bill: Legislation - New Mexico Legislature I'm expecting a hearing next Thursday Feb 8. More details to follow.
  17. C

    2015 70D Model S - Autopilot, Warranty, 16500 miles, Metallic Blue - Denver

    Hello, This posting is for a Deep Blue Metallic September 2015 Model S P70D with approximately 16,500 miles located in Denver, CO. I work from home, so the mileage is very low… and the car is in excellent condition. Only reason I’m selling it is I’m getting another model S in March!! $61,000...
  18. tmoz

    Where did all the cars go at the Tempe Tesla Service Center?

    The place looks nearly abandoned. Anyone have the scoop on what the reason is? University and 101 location
  19. Z

    Battery drain in Phoenix during summer?

    Getting ready to move from northern California to Phoenix. The apartment complex I'll be renting at has a number of EV chargers onsite, one of the main perks of going there. However, there will be no power when using covered parking, and I hate to camp out at an uncovered EV charger that isn't...
  20. bonnie

    (Denver/Boulder area) Looking for recommendation for powder coating

    A friend in Boulder is looking for a shop that can powder coat the wheels on his X. Can any of you recommend a shop?
  21. Tyl

    Supercharger - Phoenix, AZ - East Camelback Road

    Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix AZ confirmed that they are getting superchargers just east of the garage structure. SRP and other marking are on the ground consistent with previous supercharger construction sites. To my understanding they are getting 20 superchargers. They MAY be the...
  22. R

    Waiting sucks gas fumes. Delivery guesstimates?

    My MX75 order was confirmed on December 14, 2017. Still haven’t received a VIN. Projected delivery date is the second half of February but I worry it will be later given the M3 production ramp up. And, I have been surprised at how antsy I am to get this car. I just want to take a nap and wake up...
  23. A

    Supercharger - Custer, SD

    I see Custer on the planned 2018 list. The more the merrier but Hot Springs or Newcastle would seem like more logical locations for long distance travelers. I assume Custer's annual Tesla rally was a huge factor in determining this location.
  24. gjunky

    Gallup to Albuquerque in X90D

    Anyone have any experience driving this leg in a Model X? I am planning a trip from Scottsdale or Flagstaff to ALB and this leg seems a bit of a stretch. I know it states it is only 145 miles. ABetterRouteplanner states I need to charge in Gallup to 98% to get there with 10% remaining. Since we...
  25. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Silverthorne, CO

    I couldn't find an official thread for Silverthorne yet so creating this one. At today's Tesla Owner's Social in Lone Tree, the Tesla charging employee said they will be expanding the Silverthorne site in mid 2018.
  26. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Aspen, CO

    At today's Tesla Owner's Social in Lone Tree, the Tesla charging employee said they will break ground on the 8 stall Supercharger in Aspen when the ground thaws next spring. No specific location was mentioned.
  27. S

    Greetings from Denver!

    Long time reader of TMC but finally decided to sign up. Not an owner but with kid number 2 due soon, I am on the lookout for a new(er) car. I have really enjoyed the amount of information and enthusiasm this group provides. I hope to call myself a Tesla owner in the not too distant future and...
  28. FlyingCookie

    Snow + RWD = No Good!

    Okay, so a short excerpt from my trip this week. Nashville to Orlando to Charleston and then back to Nashville, tonight. (Just got home) All was well in Charleston, rainy, but not bad. Expected snow as I got further north, but I was not prepared for the mess I ran in to... This was my first...
  29. Sasmania

    Supercharger - Scottsdale, AZ - N. Scottsdale Road

    I was lucky enough to be the first charge ever at this new charger that no one knew about till last night (hat tip to Savanna G. for finding it last night). It has 16 chargers, 8 with "30 Minute General Parking" and 8 dedicated Tesla Chargers. It's on the first level of the new parking garage...
  30. BuildingCap

    Advice on renting out my MX

    I recently learned my job will take me overseas for most of 2018 and I am trying to decide what to do with my (still quite new) MX. I'm not interested in selling, so looking at other options like renting it. Has anyone had any experience or advice on this? Did you use Turo, a legal contract...
  31. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Alamosa, CO

    I contacted the city of Alamosa concerning the planned Supercharger. They said that there was talk of a Supercharger about a year ago but so far no plans have been submitted and no permits have been issued. It looks like this one might slip to 2018.
  32. pakman00

    Santa Rosa/ Albuquerque/ Gallup winter trip advice

    We've been thinking about a possible year end trip down to Arizona from the East and taking our Model X 75D. This would be our first winter long road trip, so we will have the usual range anxiety although looking at the SC map, most SC's are close enough that even if we faced severe weather...
  33. T

    Brand new 21" arachnid forged-aluminum silver wheels, tires, and installation - Model S - Denver

    I'm selling my referral program awarded 21" silver arachnid wheels, tires, and installation. They are being stored in my heated basement. They're wrapped, 100% clean, have never been installed, and come with free Tesla installation. These are for a model S. I can deliver them, or you can pick...
  34. AudubonB

    Supercharger - Phoenix, AZ - Agua Fria Freeway

    (On edit: Locals may consider this to be "N Phoenix", not "NW". If so, someone other than me will have to change the thread title - sorry!) Supercharge.info just posted a permit for Phoenix's first SpC: off the junction of 101 and I-17. A map search shows it to be about as accessible - or not...
  35. HillCountryFun

    Supercharger - Boulder, CO

    A little birdie told me that the Supercharger in Boulder, Colorado might start up soon. I've looked for permits but not found anything. Looking at Google Maps, the Courtyard at Pearl Pkwy and 157 seems like a pretty good location. Let the searching begin!
  36. B

    Powder coat wheels in Arizona

    My white 100D X is getting completely wrapped in matte clear bra, window tinted, and getting satin black chrome delete. Next is the wheels. Anyone have vendor recommendations for wheel powder coating in Phoenix area? Should I do satin black like the chrome delete or do a gloss black? How...
  37. Tyl

    Denver International Electric Parking - Teslas Stop Parking There!

    Hey! Fellow Tesla drivers. Knock it off. What's up with this kind of behavior. NO, the world doesn't revolve around you. 'ome on now!
  38. I

    Supercharger - Wheatland, WY

    Because quote. @BuildingCap posted in Wyoming Superchargers that (and I quote) Would still need more Superchargers to the North to take it to the end in Buffalo, WY and bridge the gap to Sheridan, WY, but it's a start on the completing the northern end of I-25.
  39. pf-flyer

    Getting a response from the Denver service center?

    My center display died two days ago and doesn't reboot. I've left four messages for the Denver service center over the past two days and they haven't called back. Anyone know how best to get them to respond, have experience with the average response time, or know if anyone is actually working...
  40. Solarman004

    Supercharger - Poncha Springs, CO

    The online permit search for Chaffee County CO has been down for the last two weeks. I called the Building Department today and was told that they have the permit application for the Poncha Springs Supercharger, and it is under review. The permit has not yet been issued. Good news for the US...
  41. MSEV

    Renting a Model X in MT, Missoula or Kalispell: Help, please...

    I have checked a bit with no luck. We (five of us) would like to drive electric and a Model X for a Glacier National Park trip. I have tried Turo, with no luck, and the Enterprise special cars site. This is for a summer trip, end of July next summer. Any ideas about renting a Model X for a week?
  42. iwannam3

    Chargers in Silverton CO

    A pair of chargers in Silverton, one on the main street and one on a side street around the corner. Sawhorse barricade so not functional yet.
  43. HillCountryFun

    Colorado Saved CO2

    It is mind-boggling to me that Texas has several cities listed on Tesla's top 50 Cities that have saved CO2 but Colorado has none??? We must do better!!
  44. R

    Conference in Logan at USU on Electrified Transportation

    Hi everyone, I work for Utah State University as the lab manager and senior engineer in the electric vehicle roadway research facility. We are hosting a conference on electrified transportation Tuesday 9/26/17 and Wednesday 9/27/17 with over 100 attendees from various companies and research...
  45. E

    Supercharger - Deming, NM

    At long last, a permit application was submitted for a supercharger in Deming, NM! The description is "Tesla Supercharger Station / 1200A Service". The location is the previously rumored 5R Travel Center at 1695 NW Silver City Highway a.k.a. US-180.
  46. Fiver

    Supercharger - Park City, UT

    It's on the map as coming soon ("By the end of 2018"), and based on my conversations with the Tesla staff over the last week or so, many believe it will be the newer Urban style chargers, but this is all purely speculation as none are on the actual supercharger team. If it is the new urban...
  47. dsm363

    Supercharger - Mountain Village, CO - Mountain Village Blvd

    Discussion about the coming Supercharger for Telluride, CO here.
  48. SageBrush

    Colorado is Getting Supercharged!

    Tesla recently added Montrose, Telluride and Salida to the upcoming SC network plans in addition to those already in planning. This is great news since it builds out ~ 4 ways to travel N-S through the breadth of the state. At this point I can only hope for a SC in Durango to ease E-W driving...
  49. dgpcolorado

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    Lots of new "coming soon" pins on the Supercharger map, including ones slated for Montrose and Telluride by the end of 2018. Montrose, along with Poncha Springs, opens up US 50 over Monarch Pass. Telluride is kind of an obvious place, given the number of Tesla owners who visit already. It also...
  50. F

    Tint Shop in Denver

    It looks like I’ll be taking delivery of our new MS in the next few days. Can anyone recommend a good shop to go get it tinted?