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RattleGate - How high does the Conspiracy go?

I have uncovered a conspiracy that I believe goes all the way to the top! After struggling with dementia since getting my new-to-me-2014, I have found the culprit and attached irrefutable proof.

Yes, look at it. A device so simple, yet so evil that it required me to delve into the car itself. No removal of interior pieces would ever locate it and it hid stealthily even when viewed from the outside. But what was it's purpose? It's purpose is so deviously designed that perhaps it's true nature will never be known. Is it a next-gen's-next-gen tracking device? One could only wish.

The intent is simple: to drive a person to madness with endless rattling and shaking. No sane human being could possible endure the endless rattle as the car progresses over every minor road imperfection. But the question remains... why? Was this an engineer paid off by Big Oil to create something so evil? Maybe. Or perhaps it is an advanced version of the ancient Chinese Water Torture? No, I believe it goes much deeper and farther than that.

I believe that Elon Musk is actually a spy for the Rattle Industry!

Spread the word, my friends. Don't let our voices be silenced.


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Not sure if your initial post is real or a joke? Any rattle removal/source info is helpful. I was just in a well used rental Chrysler Minivan and the smooth quiet interior embarrasses my car😠🤬. I have multiple rattles I cannot track down and the car has been in 3 times for rattles. Tesla is very reluctant to do anything about sounds.