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Referral Program Madness Part Deux

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by buttershrimp, Jul 13, 2017.


How do you feel about people on forums and online asking you to use their referral code?

  1. Righteous: How dare you! It's only be given in a committed monogomous relationship.

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  2. Ashamed: I feel dirty and used when I offer my code, and often Elon never calls the next day.

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  3. Competitive: I'll get to the next secret level! and I'll cut you with my tesla prison shiv!

  4. Paranoid: Shhhh! I'm being watched by the CIA to see if my referrals codes legitimate.

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  5. Entitled: I, alone, deserve a free roadster...

  6. Elitist: I won't stoop to the that level... that is sooooo like a non-founder edition owner.

  7. Other: Write in your reply

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  1. buttershrimp

    buttershrimp Member

    Jun 17, 2017
    Kremlin, 4th floor, Cubicle 22B
    What's your opinion on offering referral codes to strangers? And Please... be respond to the poll, or reply as snippily as possible!

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