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referral program

  1. M

    4 New TESLA Model 3 Zero-G Wheels + Tires $3,400

    Four brand new referral program 20-inch ZERO-G Forged wheels mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, TPMS sensors, center caps and lug nut covers. Never mounted. +40mm offset. $3,400 OBO Denver, CO area.
  2. T

    Idea for Tesla Referral Code Generator

    Hi all, So I noticed there’s a huge thread on here where people just post their referral codes in hopes someone will randomly use theirs. Of course, probably the most typical way people find referral codes is from a friend or someone online who posts useful forum posts, YouTube videos, etc. I...
  3. C

    WTB: Zero-G Referral Wheels +34 offset

    Looking to buy a set of new Model 3 referral wheels for around $3500 shipped (make an offer). Needs to be +34 offset, not interested in the +40 offset.
  4. P

    How should Tesla change the referral program?

    The Tesla referral program seems super stale. I got ~10 referrals back in 2017/2018, but the free supercharging just isn’t super compelling now and I am not actively referring people. Sure I still love Tesla and talk about my car, but back in 2017/2018, I was doing a lot to try and get people to...
  5. S

    Any success with applying referral code?

    Now that Model Y is eligible for referral, has anyone successfully managed to get it applied on an existing order? I requested a referral to be applied several months ago, before it was eligible, by emailing referral program, and as expected was told no.
  6. RedModel3

    Ask for extended expiration on referrals!

    Hey y'all! I hope everyone is staying healthy and at home if possible. I've got some referral miles that are going to expire in May. I haven't used them all and because I'm not driving much right now there is really no hope of using them. I think that Tesla should extend the expiration date...
  7. E

    FS: New Satin Black Gen 2 Wall Connector Elon Signature Referral Program

    I am selling a Referral Program wall connector that is satin black with Elon's signature that is printed on. Cable is 24' long and is a generation 2 wall connector. This is brand new and in the box. Looking for $1000 cash. Local pickup around DFW only. Can meet at the Plano Service Center.
  8. islandbayy

    Referral Powerwalls, how should I proceed? Tesla not Delivering

    I'm owed at least 1 if not two founders' powerwalls yet from referral programs. Waiting and waiting deadlines provided by Tesla have come and gone Multiple Times. Then, earlier this year, around April I believe, A random email from Tesla gave remaining people who did not get referral...
  9. tbwnm

    Sept 10 - Oct 1 2019 2K Miles Free Supercharging Promotion

    I'm located in Los Angeles and placed an order for a Model 3 MSM SR+ on September 6th, (4) days before Tesla doubled the free Supercharging referral miles from 1K to 2K for orders places on or after September 10th and delivered by October 1st. I'm not in a particular hurry for the vehicle, but...
  10. 5

    Referral Raffles?

    Has anyone heard anything from Tesla on the monthly Model Y referral raffles? I haven't seen anything on it. Thanks
  11. sush88

    One year since ordering the referral wheels. No luck yet!!

    Hi TMC members, TL;DR : I have ordered my set of arachnid wheels in May last year. I did not have any luck on receiving them even after multiple email and phone conversations. Initially when I clicked select from my mobile app in June 18, the order was placed to the first location on the...
  12. Z

    Ultimate User Account Feature Suggestions

    Heyo! With Tesla getting rid of a lot of stores, and their referral program, they're going to be relying more than ever on "organic" word of mouth to sell cars. A feature I've thought about for a while that would incidentally help in that regard is really souping up their user account system...
  13. A

    Question about referral program

    If I have referred two people and claim the wall charger reward does my referral count reset to zero? Or if I refer 1 additional person for a total of 3 referrals I can still get the Model 3 Wheels when they are available even though I got the wall charger. Thanks in advance!
  14. K

    Help understanding referral award

    Please help! I own an S and referred myself for a P3D+. The 3 was ordered on 8/25/18 and delivered on 10/8/18. My understanding is that the single referral award for the S is either the Model S for Kids or the Signature Wall Connector based on the 8/1/18 to 9/18/18 program. Here is what I...
  15. E

    21" Arachnid Wheels - Brand New Michelins - 3000

    Have some brand new 21 inch arachnids for sale. 245/35zR21 Located on the Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo Pick up only. Thanks
  16. 2

    Referral program confusion?

    Hey TMC experts, quick question for you regarding the Referral program. Do the rewards reset for each new program? ie, If I have 1 delivery during the May 1, 2018-July 31, 2018 program then I should get the wall connector or model s for kids. If I have an additional delivery during this...
  17. Olle

    Rererral Program Change

    A while ago we were instructed by the moderators to remove our referral codes from TMC because referrals were at the time for friends and family only. As I was listening to the Electrec podcast the other day I heard that the two producers were each receiving a 2020 roadster, because they had...
  18. djp

    Tesla Referral Program

    One of Elon's "secret weapons" to boost sales has been announced. Who's getting the first free Model X? Musk Offers Model S Referral Program as Tesla’s First Incentive - Bloomberg Business
  19. J

    Referral Scheme Changing - Supercharging?

    Hi All, Am currently looking at ordering a Model S and 99% sure I’ll go for one but don’t need delivery until October/November time but there has been little incentive for me to order now, especially with lower interest rates on inventory stock and also hoping the rate may go down. I received...
  20. A

    Is there a thread to post referral codes on TMC?

    I'm new here - wondering if there's a place to post referral codes here that wouldn't violate the terms of use. I have a code, and also happy to give away the black Tesla wall charger or the kid's toy Tesla to whoever uses it (I have no need as I have no kids and already have a wall charger)...
  21. steve841

    Referral Program - Solar

    Does anyone have any idea how the solar referral process works? I've been lucky enough to get a few referrals via social media (without contact info to follow up)... So, I am curious how long from the time a contact requests a quote does Tesla actually reach out and/or provide a quote to a...
  22. samuelzzz

    Referral 22'' wheels. Keep my 20'' wheels?

    I want to use my 3rd referral to get a 22'' wheel my for Modle X. Will they take away my 20'' wheel away after I replace 22'' wheels? or I can keep my 20''. Thank you so much guys
  23. L

    Kids car or charger exchange for code use!

    Hello! If anyone wants the Tesla kids car (any color) or the matte black wall charger, I’m willing to send to you for using my code - we’d love the Tesla battery which is the next reward on our account! :-) ~Lisa
  24. V

    Referral Signature Matte Black HPWC Delivery Date

    Hey Guys, Just a FYI. I reached out to Tesla and as of this morning, they told me that the delivery dates for the Signature Black HPWCs from the referral program were pushed back to sometime in June. Just wanted to give the community a heads-up if you were expecting deliveries next month. Best...
  25. MikeBur

    Gaining referrals best practices

    Hi all, Apologies if this isn’t the best location, though a quick search could find me a consolidated list of best practices for referrals. I’m remarkably unsuccessful* in getting referrals and wanted to solicit the crowds on what are their best techniques. I don’t need referrals, though...
  26. aikisteve

    Arachnid wheels vs the turbines

    Hi guys, I was fortunate enough to have enough referrals to get the Arachnid wheels from the referral program. Today I had them installed at the service center (they actually come with tires included, which is nice). Since they are supposed to give better performance, I thought the only thing...
  27. MelaniainLA

    0.99% APR didn't expire on September 30, after all!

    We had been told that the 0.99% interest rate was a promotion expiring on 9/30/2017 but today (10/1/17), it remains flat. Hmmmmm... might have to order soon before the $1000 referral discount expires! Can't imagine better offers right now... PM me if you need a referral code plus my tickets...
  28. W

    Referral Prize in exchange for a Referral?

    I see a few post of members giving away their referral prizes in an exchange for a referral. What is the official stance on this from Tesla? Are they OK with it? If so I’ve got the radio flyer and the solar roof token I’d be willing to part with for a 3rd referral. TIA
  29. S

    Referral Solar Roof up for grabs

    All I'm now up to 3 referrals and only about 100 days to go. Really keen to get my hands on a PW2, so if anyone waiting to place an order is interested in my early access to a Solar Roof token (not in my hands yet though...) in exchange for using my referral code then I'd be very happy to...
  30. G

    Quick Question on May'17 Referral Program Change

    Had a question about the change in the referral program in May. When they changed from the old program (Gigafactory tour tickets for first referral) to the new one (Radio Flyer Model S for first referral), the language in the release made it sound like people who had a referral in the old...
  31. buttershrimp

    Referral Program Madness Part Deux

    What's your opinion on offering referral codes to strangers? And Please... be respond to the poll, or reply as snippily as possible!
  32. H

    New Model X coming soon

    Well actually tomorrow now. Did a little trailer including my referral code for family and friends in case they get jealous. This was just to whet their appetite :) Video Thanks Mark
  33. 2

    Anyone get referral goodies from 3/16/17-6/15/17 program?

    Has anyone received gifts from this referral program?
  34. Steve S

    New Tesla Bag From Referral Program

    Just came in the mail. PM your offer. Thank you. -Steve
  35. Deeppurple

    Free Tesla Carry On + $1k if you are in the market for new S or X

    HI all, I earned 4 Tesla referrals, need one more to qualify for a Tesla Powerwall, so I am giving away one of the Tesla prizes for referrals: Tesla Carry On bag. So if you are in the market for a new Model S or X you can use my referrals link: Referral | Tesla to order your car (with $1,000...
  36. Sasmania

    Powerwall 2 Limited Edition signed by Elon Musk for Sale

    I just got notified about winning the PW2 in the last referral program. I can't use the Powerwall, so might as well sell it. A regular Powerwall retails for $5500. But this is an exclusive red Founders Series Powerwall 2.0, hand signed by Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and Franz von Holzhausen...
  37. Bengineer

    Arachnid wheels came in wrong color

    I went to the SC to have my 12V battery replaced yesterday, and all of a sudden they told me my Arachnid wheels had arrived and they could put them on. When they were done, it turned out that they had the wrong color on file and had put silver ones on instead of gray (so sorry, forgot to take a...
  38. Fiver

    A sensible conversation about referral codes in signatures.

    I would like to start this by saying I fully agree with the policy of "No new threads promoting personal referral codes". There is a single authorized thread where people are allowed to pump their codes and what not and it's fine. That being said, (and please correct me if I'm wrong), but...
  39. B

    Intro and Referral....

    Hi, I've been lurking for some time, while researching for my MX purchase. I may have previously posted in the wrong forum (sorry!) I was confirmed on July 9 for a P90D and assigned a VIN# 143xx. It's black on black with standard 20's and everything except L and autopilot. Delivery is...
  40. R

    Tesla referral program

    Has anyone else had problems receiving their benefit from the Tesla referral program from last year? The program used to be the referring person and the person receiving referral would get a $1000 credit...I referred 2 people and they received their credit. I never received mine. I have called...
  41. R

    Tesla referral program

    Has anyone else had problems receiving their benefit from the Tesla referral program from last year? The program used to be the referring person and the person receiving referral would get a $1000 credit...I referred 2 people and they received their credit. I never received mine. I have called...
  42. slyastro

    Winning a fully loaded Model S: Sharing delivery!

    I'm the lucky winner of a fully loaded P90D Ludicrous through the second referral program that was held from November 1 to december 31 2015. Took delivery of the car last friday (march 25th). The event was AWESOME! The car is awesome too, of course! I'm sharing it with the Tesla community...
  43. slyastro

    OFFICIAL: I'm the winner of North-America referral program

    I got confirmation yesterday from Jon McNeil at Tesla about the referral program ... I was anxiously waiting for that email! I'm sharing with you how I lived the «competition» ... and right now I'm still wondering if it's a dream! In Canada with the currency in free fall compared to the U.S...
  44. Reeler

    Tesla Referral Program REDESIGN - Post Your Suggestions to Help Tesla Sell More Cars

    Elon Musk has thumbed his nose at the traditional manufacturer-dealer car model to sell directly to consumers. Many states (encouraged by lobbying from the Auto Dealers Association) are trying to make this business model illegal. By going directly to the influencer community, we can become the...
  45. ronmerkord

    new referral program

    I just noticed on MyTesla page that I can now participate in the referral program, even though I do not own a Model S. Apparently, Model X owners with confirmed orders are now eligible, and the end date of the program has been moved to Dec 31st. As the site says, 57 days remaining. Ron...