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RGB Ambient Lighting project for Palladium Model S - lets do it

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Everything is done, and even more than I planned, adding footwell lights.
As mentioned up-thread, I had a b**ch-and-a-half with the center console. The fit was so tight that it was nearly impossible. I did it, without adhesive of course, but it did not come out as perfect and straight as I would like. I am going to leave with it for now, until someone here gives me an idea on how to make it better. For today and this weekend, I am totally cooked. Going to spend the rest of the evening making cocktails. Well, maybe a drive first to enjoy it.
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It really IS a labour of love. I have been delayed due to the temperatures for working in my garage and anxious to get back into it. So for control you wired PIN 16 to the + on the control side of the SSR and PIN 4 to the - side ? This is the way I am going.

Related to another thread on electrical operation of the screens (and will post a photo when done) on the small snap off panel above the charging tray, I mounted two rocker switches that articulate the screen IN and OUT and today I will add another ON/OFF switch that will wire in series with the ODB/control + wire to manually allow me to turn off the ambient lights if I want to.

Yes, pin 16 is + and 4 is ground, and wired to the SSR like that. Just make sure the load/LEDs are on the correct side of the SSR. Mine was labeled backwards. No big deal if you do, only the LEDs will be on without the control activated.

I am definitely adding a rocker switch. Great idea! While I had the screen off, I tilted it way towards me. I am not going to do the motor thing, as I am okay leaving it this way (and too worn out). I consider the screen mainly for me, and if my wife wants to channel surf, etc, she can suffer through it.
Thinking the switch, I guess it does not matter whether we attach it to the OBD or the main power, right?
so those crappy chrome strips along our doors and dash should have looked like this if we had been delivered a feature that was sold with the car
Na man it was designed for the tesla like this. What appeared to be a regular chrome trim has a center line where the light pass through. I found the trim with the light included on eBay long ago but just for the left side and center console


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EV Base has for model x the engraved trim that look OEM. I have been asking to them for months about the S but no luck engraved ambient light for tesla - Google Shopping
Its interesting but not for me. Looks like it covers the doors, dash and around the rear of the front seats (TRON). I like left and right of the console. The concept is great though. Just not much info on the website at all (IE rear doors as well and what the controllers are etc)
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Cross posting this in a couple of threads:

Has the OBD power supply changed to non-switched?

I recently dismantled my ambient light upgrade prior to having some warranty work done (I didn’t want to take the chance that they blamed me for something I didn’t do). During that time, I happened to have a software update. Maybe relevant. Upon reinstalling my lights, I noticed that the OBD connector was giving me constant/non-switched power to my SSR. I thought maybe I did something wrong in my wiring, so I disconnected everything, and hooked up a volt meter directly to the OBD connector itself, using the same adapter I have always used. Previously, the OBD power would shut down instantly upon closing all the doors, and instant-on upon opening any door. Now, it stays on seemingly indefinitely. I waited a good 30 minutes, and yes, the OBD is still fully powered.

I now need a switched source so that my ambient lights go off when I am not in the car. I think there is something in the phone charger area, if someone can remind me how to access that.

Running v.2024.14.9
I have always had Sentry mode on, and until now, the OBD has stayed switched. It has been days now, so I doubt there is software still being downloaded. Definitely not using climate modes.
Is the phone from the charging dock switched, and if so, how do I tap that? Probably listed here way up-thread...
Yep, the charging dock is switched. Here's far more than you likely want, but here's all the timing of power connections at various points in the car:

As for connecting to the charging dock:

I've been using this connection for several years now (2022 S) without issues. It powers my dashcam (yes, I have a secondary 2ch dashcam) and some lighting mods I added (see my avatar). Note that if you are charging, the power remains on.