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Roadster track time and rollover protection

Can anyone direct me to any information about the SCCA or other racing organizations deeming the roadster "NOT A CONVERTIBLE"?

I have not been able to find any info and really want to take it to the track. They say the Elise is fine but unless I have info certifiing the roadsters hoop for the additional weight they consider it a convertible. Any help would be appreciated!

Just send them this picture:
Actually makes me feel better about the strength of the Roadster roll bar and windshield frame.

Don't count on on that windshield pillar to stop anything, that thing will fold very easily when weight is pressed against it. You can do a search on the Lotus forums to see what I'm talking about. As for the built in roll-bar it does a very good job for what its designed to do. Optimal protection would be a full roll-cage, that'll take a beating when a large object like the SUV tries to enter the cabin area. Below is a pic of a car that ran up on an Elise like a ramp, it just folded that windshield pillar like melted butter. A more to the left and the driver would not have been so lucking. Notice the tire track path on the hood of the Elise... Hence my preference to a full cage in the Roadster/Elise/Exige:


Below is another angle of supplied pic.... and of course there's a Prius involved!

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That accident was caused by the Prius who rear-ended the Roadster, forcing him under the back of the VW. The Roadster driver was un-hurt. If I remember correctly, it wasn't his Roadster. I think he was giving it a test drive.

It's funny because my sister was driving a VW Toureg of exactly the same color at the time, and my Roadster is red. I sent her the picture with a stern warning "Don't you ever do that again!"