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Second rear end collision - how can I assure car is properly repaired?

I have a 2023 M3P which I have now owned about 5 months. A month old, I got rear ended. I live in MA and insurance companies won't cover Tesla labor rates. Tesla charges $100 per hour and insurance will only pay $43 per hour. I would be responsible for the difference. Insurance wants me to use one of their preferred shops (claimed to be Tesla approved).

I waited for Tesla, got in and the repair was $2700, only the bumper and internal shock absorbing assemblies. Lots of arguing and I eventually ended up about $500 out of pocket.

I just got the final check last week.

Then yesterday I was rear ended again. This time I had stopped for traffic on the highway and someone entering on a ramp was on his phone and accelerated right into me. He said by the time he looked up it was too late to react so he never hit the brakes. This was a more serious collision as now my trunk is involved and by the uneven gaps between body panels I suspect the frame is bent. There were no error messages, however, and the car appears to drive fine.

I have the videos and they show exactly what everyone told the state trooper. The insurance company says I am definitely not at fault. I suspect the damage may come to $10k if the frame is affected.

Now the question is, how likely is it that this can be properly repaired by the insurance company shop? They seem to have good customer ratings. My concern is that the car only has 5k miles on it and I am worried about how it has affected the value as well as having a properly repaired and safe vehicle.

Massachusetts is a diminished value state but the insurance companies refuse to honor the law so I would have to litigate which is not cost or time effective.

I know I am screwed, but how bad?
After the first incident, the value of your car would already have been dinged because, well, it’s been in a recorded accident.

If you’re not too underwater on the car (after two accidents and the low resale prices of Tesla’s), I’d probably get it all fixed up and sell it for the highest price possible. Either that or drive it into the ground.

Personally, I’d probably get rid of it the first chance I get. After two accidents, it’s not the car you’d want anymore.