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Shopping for an M3 LR, which year is the smart buy?

I was recently on the market for a used Model 3. There was a $5k difference in price between a 2022 and a 2021 LR AWD, a 2k difference between a 2021 and a 2020, a $4k difference between a 2020 and a 2019. I think 2021 is the sweet spot - you get the upgraded range and the heat pump. The Ryzen chip and the 12v battery don't make much of a difference in my book. I don't remember when the powered trunk was added though. The $5k difference between the 2022 model and the 2021 model is huge.
In the end, I went with a 2019 LR RWD because I was looking for cheap + range, but had I wanted speed, I probably would've got a 2021 LR AWD.
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