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Should I upgrade from 2018 M3 to 2023 M3P now that I can transfer FSD?

And yes you lose that $250 deposit. But what @DayTrippin said is pretty much spot on.
Seriously? So Tesla just added another charge for no reason other than greed! That's such crap and makes it a deal breaker for me. It's bad enough they don't include the Mobile Connector or floor/frunk mats anymore. Lowering car prices aren't really lowered when they make us pay all these other fees and for things that used be included with the purchase price.

And if I keep my Mobile Connector then no doubt they will deduct that from my trade. And while I'd probably rather have a performance Model Y, for the acceleration and better brakes, I just don't want a lowered car or the larger tires with smaller sidewalls. Yes, I could replace the tires/rims, but that is yet another thing to pay for that isn't cheap.
You don't have to give your mobile connector for the trade. I believe the P isn't lowered any more. Easy to flip the larger wheels and tires get something better than what would come on any Y. Upgrading the wheels on my Y to Martians was a huge improvement.
Does your current car have unlimited premium internet? My 2018 M3P does. Also if you use Homelink, you’ll have to purchase that separately on the new car.
mine has unlimited premium Internet and unlimited free super charging I've use the free super charging about 470 times now…not going to give that up. I have about 80,000 miles on my 18 M3P, plain to run it to 250,000 miles. really the only maintenance cost I've had has been tires and rims
mine has unlimited premium Internet and unlimited free super charging I've use the free super charging about 470 times now…not going to give that up. I have about 80,000 miles on my 18 M3P, plain to run it to 250,000 miles. really the only maintenance cost I've had has been tires and rims
Do you use supercharging 100% of the time? What % vs SC? What are your charge levels such as at an SC from 20-80% or 50-90%? It would be interesting to see what your battery degradation is.
Better camera's and faster processors will make it better all around. Plus, the newer cars have features the older cars don't have. And yes, the older cars have some hardware the newer cars don't have.

I'm in the process of rethinking my decision to not jump on this free FSD transfer thing. I'd like to upgrade my 2018 AWD LR Model 3 with HW3, the Acceleration Boost and FSD to a AWD LR Model Y with HW4. But having to pay for the Acceleration Boost all over again is not something that makes me happy. Nor do I like the idea of having to pay extra for the mobile connector, which was included with my Model 3. But I think the Model Y is better for me as it will make getting in and out much easier and has more room. But now I see that Tesla is charging a $250 non refundable order fee. Does that fee get subtracted from the price if the order goes through?
If you get someone to use your referral code you get 10000 points and acceleration boost is then free if you use those points to cash out
FWIW, we're generally very happy with our 22 M3P. (bought new - 12k miles so far) No creaks or rattles, only quality issue we've encountered is chipping paint ☹️
Sold the stock uberturbines and tires immediately for a good chunk - didn't lose anything on the. replacement rims & tires, other than the slight hassle.
You are correct. A whopping 0.6" with 2 passengers in the car. So from 6.2" to 6.8". What is interesting in a lot of other countries from what I found, there is no difference. They are the same. Who knows if Tesla actually got it right in their own info. They've made mistakes before.

The only place I could find it was in the owner's manual. I didn't see it on the main site. When there was a difference with the M3 for ride height, they called it out.
I would not assume that the 2023 is any better quality than the 2018. Our 2022 M3 is crap compared to real manufacturers like Audi, BMW, MB or Volvo. Fair comparisons are Toyota, Nissan, Kia etc. Tesla makes a great battery and drivetrain, body assembly (endless rattles) & ride quality (mainly noice levels) is far subpar still.
I totally agree with you about the rattles & squeaks, they drive me nuts....this should not happen in a car at this price point
I have a 2018 M3 AWD with 50k miles that I have been generally happy with. It has a few rattles, road noise is a little high, old interior console, and had to put after market power trunk and wireless phone chargers in. I also have had a couple of non-warranty repairs. I have a lingering concern that there might be more coming since the 2018s were the first ones and stuff will break. Also will need new tires in a few months.

Have thought about upgrading in the past but not being able to transfer FSD was always a deal killer. My plan was just to keep using this car for a few more years and then give it to my daughter as a college car and buy a new one then.

My wife has a Model Y but I like the sedan shape better.

With Elon’s “one time offer” this quarter, I could:

- Order a inventory 2023 Performance M3 for 51k. Obviously don’t need the performance upgrade but it feels like a nice to have to make the car a little more “different” from the last one.
- Minus $7500 tax rebate
- Minus $500 referral discount
- Carvana offering me $26k for my car
- transfer FSD to new car before selling to carvana

I would end up with $17000 cost to upgrade to a new car.

- new warranty
- upgrade to performance
- new interior, hopefully no rattles etc
- hw4 for fsd, added reassurance of staying tech current

Downsides I can think of:

- highland coming out probably next quarter, will I have buyers remorse from being one of the last buyers of the old m3
- will it being an “old model” accelerate depreciation on the car
- sales taxes. Need to figure out if it makes sense to trade in to tesla instead of selling to carvana to lower tax bill here in Florida

Can you guys think of anything else I need to consider before I decide whether to pull the trigger?
If you are financing the car, the higher interest rate needs to be considered imo. Depending on what inventory looks like for your specs, you might consider waiting right close to the time limit for the order and swap. I’m confident that prices will reduce as time passes, I believe the vehicle has to be in your hands before a certain date with the transfer deal. Another thing to consider is that on hdw4 there is not a software update for FSD that is working currently. We just transferred and the new car has hdw4 but we are waiting on an update to get it back. “Two Weeks” Elon?
Isn't it just crazy how Tesla will sell you a HW4 vehicle, yet FSD doesn't work with it yet. It's like when they removed the Ultra Sonic Sensors to used vision only, yet they cars didn't have the software for vision only to judge distance. Here's a thought....get the software ready, then sell the car. It's bad enough people paid for FSD many years ago and it's still not here, even though Elon keeps claiming every year that it will be here this year.
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