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[Solved] Annoying noise from rear seat area

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Agreed and good info. I found this myself a while ago, as well. In my case, the wires themselves were also not secured into their clips, and some have the hard plastic wire loom around them which meant the wires could have been rattling inside their looms. It's still there but not nearly as bad. Now have a big 4" wide roll of felt tape to see if I can make it 100%.
I was able to eliminate a lot more (95%+) noise from the rear seat by removing the bottom seat cushion, then using a 2" wide roll of 1/16" thick felt tape on top of each metal bar and cross member, to secure any wiring to the seat bottom, and to cover the hard plastic wire loom on the DS. It may even be 100% fixed and whatever other sounds I hear are just due to some junk in the back.

What I noticed and made me come up with this is that the bottom of the seat is a hard styrofoam material molded to wrap around the bars, along with some hard plastic frames. I figured styrofoam rubbing on painted metal could be a/the cause of the sound, and it appears likely that it was. I suppose you could felt line the seat bottom rather than the bars, but the bars are easier to get to once the seat cushion is popped off.
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