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Stuck in"Waking up"

Ever since the last update, I am repeatedly getting stuck in "Waking up" on the app.
weirdly, the car will open and even drive, but the screen is black, so it's dangerous.

So far, everytime this has happened, it was after a cold night where the car was not plugged in.

The first time it just corrected itself. Today, it's still stuck.
same for me - but last week it went away. Was very odd. Ive had the car since July and it would always wake quickly - since the last update it would hang - until - last week..... its been sitting in the garage with weather and covid (have summer tires on the performance)
Had a similar experience today. Apparently 2021.4.12 was installed yesterday and I couldn't get our MY to wake up. It took several minutes (didn't time it) but felt like at least 4-5+ minutes. Perhaps it was still finishing the update. There was no way to tell - it was totally unresponsive and the app on the phone was unable to connect. I came back inside my house to check this forum for ideas, and as I was doing that, noticed the phone app had finally connected and the car was fine. From a broader perspective, this car is teaching me patience!