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  1. F

    Should Trip Progress Bar appear for Intel M3s without premium connectivity after 2024.14 update?

    Hello everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone who has an Intel-based M3/MY and does not have the premium connectivity has noticed if the Trip Progress Bar that was added in the recent 2024.14 update has appeared in their car. The description in the release notes made it sound like everyone would...
  2. Onedied4all

    Having Update Anxiety

    I have 2 2015 MS P90DL and with every other update I lose regen strength and hope and pray with the next update it comes back. Can anyone else chime in with their experience? I'm currently on 2024.8.4 and 2024.20.1 is ready for download and install.
  3. S

    Update 2023.44.30.14 Issue

    My 2018 M3 Mid Range keeps receiving the same software update. When I click on 'install', it gets stuck at 10% for hours. After resetting it using the wheel buttons, the update doesn't complete, and the system keeps prompting me to install the same version. I submitted a support ticket, and they...
  4. sublimejackman

    Stuck On 2024.2.7 After Not Having Wifi Few Weeks

    I moved a few weeks ago to a new house. During that time, my Model S had intermittent Wifi access. At one point during the move, it notified me that there was an update available. After a few days of the little yellow arrow icon being at the top of my screen, I happened to park close enough to...
  5. Vrgs13

    21 Plaid Retrofit matrix headlights & tilt screen help please!

    OK, so after watching Reid Tomasko‘a recent video where he retrofitted the headlights, tail lights, and tilt/swivel screen on a 21 plaid. I have been in contact with him, and he has been extremely helpful to say the least! I’ve purchased Matrix Headlights, the harness adapters, the left body...
  6. Leonard4

    2023.27.6 Weirdness? Audio speaker location, missing favorites, passenger seat icon?

    I just updated to 2023.27.6 today, I was on an update from a few weeks ago on before. I've noticed that I have a new chime when I shift/autopilot which is nice and annoying. :| The other thing is my favorites button from my favorites tab is gone, I'm assuming the "Tesla Favorites" under Top...
  7. tech_kody

    New MYLR w/2023.20.200 & iPhone hotspot

    I have a new 2023 MYLR with software version 2023.20.300. I do not have Wi-Fi that can reach our garage as we are in an apartment building and our unit is located too far to reach the garage. I connect the car to my personal hotspot on my iPhone for Wi-Fi but still no updates. 1. Is the...
  8. zef3215

    Problems with “energy app”?

    Hello, I was chill driving yesterday on a highway hoovering at about 95km/h fascinated about relatively low consumption of 140wh/km considering misty wet roads and wild wind. The consumption tab was also showing more or less the same (10,25,50 km) as always however, at some point it started to...
  9. D

    Forgo the 2022.44.30 update for a chance at getting 2022.40 Beta for V11 FSD?

    I have a 2023 MYLR that I took delivery of December 8th, and it shipped with v11.0 (2022.40.200). I enrolled for the FSD beta the day I got the car, and I've maintained a 90 safety rating over 260 km (although I'm not sure if any of this matters anymore, or if it needs to be over a thousand...
  10. D

    After Update Boombox and Interior Volumes Issues

    Hello! After the latest update our 2021 Model S blares the external speaker when we turn on the car (much to the dismay of our neighbors). Once we begin driving, the interior speakers will alternate between a high pitched sound and blaring the music at max volume. While driving we have no...
  11. B

    Charge limited to 16/48a

    I have Tesla model 3 (2018) and gen 3 wall connector. I noticed my car not charging at full speed this week and have tried troubleshooting by turning off and on breaker connected to wall connector, resetting M3, turning down amps on car then turn back up to 48a. I’m not sure what else to trial...
  12. T

    Update from 2022.20 to 2022.40 - possible?

    My MYLR currently runs software 2022.20.18, seems I can only update to 2022.20.19. is it possible to upgrade to 2022.36.x or 2022.40.x family? would like to try new features such as energy consumption report etc.
  13. L

    How to solve the problem with the update.

    Hello. I have M3 EU LR 2021 (October). The current version of FW is 2022.16.3. The car was parked for 3 months without an WIFI or LTE connection. I wrote to Tesla, they tried to send me a manual update, but it didn't come. I can't go to the service center yet, so I'm asking for help from the...
  14. C

    2023 Model Y updates and production?

    I understand that Tesla will be removing ultrasonic sensors in the 2023 model Y along with a few other updates. I ordered my model Y 1 month ago and is expected to arrive between Feb and May 2023. Is there any indication that the model Y I ordered will have these updates? Has production for...
  15. Y

    2022.36.5 Update: sounds and clicking while installing update

    I installed the 2022.36.5 a few days ago and happened to walk by the car and there was a fury of strange clicking from the front of the car. It was quite rapid. Scary sounding. I presume this was from the climate octavalve. Was this normal? Has anyone else noticed this? So far, no apparent problems.
  16. TryingHard32

    "To the best of our knowledge, there have been no injuries," Elon Musk.

    Last Thursday, September 22nd a major recall was announced by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Tesla Affecting nearly 1.1 million vehicles in the US because the windows might close too fast and pinch people's fingers. Documents produced by American regulators show the...
  17. joexn

    2022.28 - Release Notes, Upcoming (& Leaked) Features

    So version 2022.28 has been floating round, with more recently, 2022.28.1 being spotted on employee vehicles in Europe and the US. This update is expected to bring enhancements including: Minimising Tesla Theatre and Alternate Routes. Unconfirmed Release Notes: Tesla Update 2022.28.1 -...
  18. Mikecm1

    Going from 2022.20.8 to 2022.24.5 – radar removal or not?

    I know that with version 2022.20.9 radar is apparently being removed, but what if you skip 20.9 and go straight to 24.5? Has anyone done this and can confirm that radar is or isn’t disabled? I’m really looking forward to the 24.5 changes but absolutely not interested in losing radar.
  19. D

    2022.16.2 update - has the self driving visualisation improved?

    So with the recent update, while I've noticed the updated visuals on the self driving visualtion (more detailed cars and bikes etc), arrows on the road. But does anyone else think it's also detecting cars and objects better? I feel like it's picking up more cars, and cars further away, better...
  20. joexn

    Update 2022.20.x — Tesla Release Notes

    2022.20.5 Release Notes SPEED ASSIST Speed Assist now leverages your car's cameras to detect speed limit signs. This improves the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads and highways in select countries. Detected speed limit signs will be displayed in the driving visualisation. TURKISH...
  21. A

    No updates since 2022.8.3 on newly installed MCU2

    SO I had to reinstall MCU(1) because old screen just went dark and never turned on. I found MCU2 from local reseller and service installed me MCU2 in replacement of non working MCU1. Everything went well, even got update of 2022.8.3 version. And that's it. The installation was like 3 weeks ago...
  22. joexn

    2022.16.1 rolling out in Europe

    2022.16.1 was spotted on a vehicle in Finland by TeslaFi. This update likely contains the UN/ECE change which removes the automated exiting and forking from Navigate-on-Autopilot.
  23. K

    Anybody else's car get "repainted" with the latest update?

    Obviously, this is the least thing from a big deal, but with the latest update did the color of your vehicle in the Instrument Console change? I have a late 2014 build with the "Metallic Blue", a deep subtle blue that fits me quite well. Well, after the latest update, the standard car image...
  24. R

    2016 P90D Upgradable to Ludicrous mode still?

    Sorry if Im posting this in the wrong spot or its been asked, but if it has I couldnt find it exactly. I recently bought a 2016 P90D with insane+, and Im now regretting not looking for a Ludicrous enabled P90D. Does anyone know if the Ludicrous update is still available through purchase from...
  25. Z

    2022.4.5.11 ?

    Has anyone gotten an update to 2022.4.5.11? I can’t find anything anywhere on this version. Had 2022.4.5.5 last night and updated to the new version this morning.
  26. T

    Model s still on 2020 software

    I currently have a 2015 model S70D and I am still running on 2020 versions of their software. I have the autopilot 1 computer and I am running 2020.48.37.8. the car says I am fully up to date. Is there a way I can get this updated? I mostly want an updated version to support the charging stats...
  27. S

    FSD 10.9 screen freezes and the software crashes

    Hi, Since I got the newest update for fsd 10.9 the screen keeps freezing and the software keeps crashing. I cannot use fsd at all. Does anybody else have this issue?
  28. joexn

    [UK] 2021.44.30.6

    2021.44.30.6 is rolling out to vehicles now and UK owners are now receiving the update. There are no release notes for this version. There were unconfirmed reports that the heat pump issues were being fixed. It looks like they haven't been from the reports that I've been seeing. If you had...
  29. T

    2021.40.6 Model S update alerts and loss of functionality

    I have an August 2015 build Model S 90D with AP1 and an upgrade to MCU2. I received 2021.40.6 over the air update on Nov 23 2021. I was greeted with the following alerts the next time I entered the vehicle: - Automatic Emergency Braking is Disabled - Power braking assist reduced - Autopilot...
  30. CheckmateIce

    Why don’t I have the newest Over The Air update?

    I haven’t gotten the over the air update with Disney plus yet. I know someone who got it a month ago. Is this normal? I’ve had my 2021 model Y for about a month and a half
  31. S

    Potential Sentry Bug 2021.24.5

    Hey guys, I think I've found a bug with sentry mode related to the new dashcam improvements. Would appreciate it if someone else could test this out for me to confirm. This occurs for me on both 2021.24.4 and 2021.24.5 with a 2018 lr rwd model 3. When you enable the new dashcam improvements...
  32. Scotty7

    Software downloads bugged - update notifications disappear when on wifi

    I've had a software update pending to 2021.24.4 since getting my Model 3 back from the service centre a week ago. It asks me to get on Wifi to download it. As soon as I get on wifi, all the relevant prompts to download it disappear and the car says I'm already up to date (it's the same behaviour...
  33. davidu406

    Model 3 not updating.

    My car has not updated since 2020.48.35.5. I have connected to WiFi several times. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
  34. B

    Stuck in"Waking up"

    Ever since the last update, I am repeatedly getting stuck in "Waking up" on the app. weirdly, the car will open and even drive, but the screen is black, so it's dangerous. So far, everytime this has happened, it was after a cold night where the car was not plugged in. The first time it...
  35. C

    M3 Performance after updating to 2020.48.12.1

    My 2020 Model 3 Performance is feeling a lot faster after 2020.48.12.1 - anyone else?? is it in my head? :eek:
  36. Jimt29

    Update 48.10

    Just downloaded update version 48.10. No other info at this time.
  37. T

    Recent Update Sound Issues

    Does anyone else have issues wiht the new update? Havent had much of an issues since until now. Sound quality is bad, if not, doesnt play at all. Turning signals do not work (doesnt make the clicking noise). Navigation does not work. When it does, the map doesnt adjust to current location...
  38. B

    VIN Confirmed! (84xxx)

    So I was wondering, will I be seeing any new features in the 84,000+ VIN? Updated battery, console refresh?
  39. B

    Complete -'Official' Tesla Software Updates

    2020.44.25 Official Tesla Release Notes - Tesla Software Updates I stumbled on this and I don't believe it has been mentioned on this forum, but this seems very complete and even offers a peek into the next release. BTW, what is the beta FSD version #? When I saw this version I initially...
  40. Prowler

    MCU 1 gets new update

    Finally today, thanksgiving, I have something to be thankful for. Got a new update on my MCU 1 model S. Went from 36.11 to 40.9.2 . Has anyone else got this yet? https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mmf4MnQWwUBcpraK7
  41. J

    Moderation Feedback requested: Software update threads in this section

    (Moderation feedback requested) Hello TMC Model 3 section members. As those of you who have been around here know, whenever there is a new update, there are usually a few threads that pop up in this section about it. This morning, I removed a thread that was a "master thread", because it was...
  42. T

    Latest update deleted all of my settings

    So I got a notification saying that a new software update was available. Excitedly I clicked OK and let the car do its thing and update itself. And lo and behold with this new update, Tesla decided it was a good idea to delete all of my driver profile, Homelink, Bluetooth and other settings. I...
  43. G

    Receiving updates.

    My Mod 3 with autopilot shows v 10.2 32.3. I have not seen a new update for some time .Am I up to date. I had a problem connecting my Mod 3 to my router and installed a new one which I can see.
  44. IsthataTesl.a?

    Jack Mode MOVED !

    Jack Mode setting has apparently been moved on a recent software update. Had a wheel swapped out today and neither the technician, a manager at Discount Tire, nor I could find a Jack Mode setting. Called Tesla and Jack Mode is still present in the car but is now found under the Service tab and...
  45. D

    Sirius XM update...

    I was surprised to see a significant upgrade to the Sirius XM interface in the latest software update for my 2017 Model S. I thought Tesla was phasing out SXM with the MCU 2 upgrades... Seems weird unless they have finally heard customer's disappointment with losing this functionality and are...
  46. C

    2018 Software update - "Suspension Improvements" question

    20018 Model S 75D The latest update notes "Suspension Improvements" For improved comfort, the maximum allowed speed and ground clearance in HIGH and VERY HIGH have been reduced" Tesla describes the feature on its website: Add the ability for your Tesla to adjust vehicle height for better...
  47. X

    SR+ Battery Drain While Driving.

    Hey everyone, Had my car for a year a half now. Had to get front upper control arm swapped last week due to extreme squeaking that came out of nowhere. Problem solved. They added air to all 4 tires. Was sitting at 41 PSI cold and 45 PSI hot. They jacked it up to 45-46 cold and I hit 49-50 hot...
  48. Mach Y

    Perf range just increased 280 -> 291

    Just noticed that along with the price reduction, they pulled the non-sports suspension option for the Performance model ... now the sports package is standard. However the range has been increased from 280 to 291 mi. Question -- is this range increase in software or hardware? We just had the...
  49. Phil1710


    Model SP - uk downloading now will update if more than a bug fix
  50. n.one.one


    Installing now. Probably just bug fixes but we'll see...