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Switched 12V Power Location

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Hi - does anyone know if Model X has any switched 12V power source that can be easily tapped into? I’m looking into installing a Thinkware dash cam which requires a switched 12V power source in order to activate parking mode.

Thanks for any pointers in advance!
Answering my own question - there seems to be a switched 12v source in the driver side center console area, to the right of the accelerator peddle.

It’s kind of difficult to rip open the center console carpet cover on the side, I finally gave up and have Johnny from Calibred Custom to install my dash cam. He did a very good job and the installation of the Thinkware dashcam was very clean. The whole job takes about 2 hours, it probably would’ve took me a whole day if I were to do it myself with poorer result. Highly recommend them for dashcam installation on the Model X!
The Thinkware dashcam requires 2 powered wires - one is a constant 12v (which can be easily tapped into from the wires on the left side of the driver footwell area), and a switched 12v that cuts power off when the car is parked and locked in order to kick in the dashcam’s parking recording mode. The switched 12v wire is the one that required a lot of work to remove the panel on the right side of the driver footwell area and tap into the fuse box.