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Tastes V2 with Note10+

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I do not have a Note 10 but I have a Note 9 with a fairly slim case and it just fits in the charging cradle of the Taptes gen1 wireless charger. There is a .4mm difference between the 9 and 10+ and I would say that with my case it is about the same. So a Note 10+ with a thick case may not fit.
i have taptes v2 for my iphone and it constantly goes on and off i have emailed them 3 times and nothing...
i dont recommend taptes!! if you research about my issue other poeple have also reported it

Actually, I have one as well. This is the first I've heard of such issue.

I buy a lot of things from Taptes and their customer service is quite responsive - replies same day.
Any complaints?

No, it works perfectly for what it does. BEST thing about this is that, in addition to the 3 coils of wireless charger (for 2 portrait charging or 1 landscape charging), there is a hidden USB C cable already hidden on the ledge of the charger. They don't advertise this feature but someone told me about it.

Wire or wireless charging is not hard to do. Everything you can buy from anybody probably came from the same source in China.
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I have the note10+ and v1 and v2 of the taptes charger.

v1 can only do vertical charging, it works fine even with a case, but there is basically zero extra space.

v2 can only do horizontal charging, because of the extra wire thing on the bottom, it has less vertical space.

So if you have a large phone like the note10+, you have to pick which orientation you prefer, because you can't do both.