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Tesla App Recommenations

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I think we should start a section or thread like this one to recommend new features and benefit that we Tesla owners would like to see added to our apps so we don’t have to go 3rd party.....

So with that said, go! What would you like to see Tesla add to our current App?

I would Iike to have an option to roll up my windows via the app.
I'm a sleep fanatic and set the options as "energy saving on" and "always connected off". When accidentally open Tesla OEM app, it always try to wake my car, terminating a good sleep. This will cause higher vampire drain, which I don't appreciate.
So I would like a feature not to wake the car up until specifically instructed.
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1: More granular winter options, like to defrost windscreen or mirrors.

2: get a warning after a while if windows or roof is not fully closed when parked. In bad weather, that can be disastrous.
The "Apps" screen on our Tesla sure is empty, how about an option to add some cool apps like but not limited to:

Open Table

My Tesla has feature to basically book restaurants quickly while you are driving....Finding places with open table so can quickly book them on the spot via voice.

Same on movies. We get the urge to book a movie on a Friday or Saturday evening, you can book it quickly and on the spot.

Just my two cents...