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Tesla Financing offer conditionally approved - cannot produce documents they ask for.

My Wife and I just applied for a loan from Tesla to purchase the Model Y.
My wife is the applicant and I am the co-applicant.
We just recently got married and I moved in with her family.
Our loan is conditionally approved and asking for the Co-applicant's (me) proof of residence.
However, I only have documents with my older address that I used to rent.
The app is asking for
  • Current utility bill with my name and current address
  • Rental or Mortgage Closing Statement with my name and current address
None of these documents apply to me as I am staying with my wife's family. So I cannot produce these documents.
What are the alternate documents that I can provide?
Are you guys in a good position to buy an expensive luxury car? If not, maybe this is a sign to hold off and be practical. If on the other hand you two are killing it financially(but living with parents?), the "rental contract" should work.

No judgement here; I lived with my parents for a short time when I was young and newlywed, but its because we were young and broke and certainly weren't in a position to finance an expensive car we shouldn't have been buying.
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