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Tesla Model 3 LR as 2nd EV, Have some questions

Hello. I'm looking to buy a 2nd EV to compliment my MachE (which I love and has been solid and now SO is on board with going full EV after a good experience). I'm looking at the Model 3 LR as it's smaller (don't need another SUV size vehicle) and has exceptional range. I have a few questions. Excuse the MachE comparisons but it's what I have the most experience with.

Dash Cam - Is it true I can use an small SSD or USB to record via front camera while driving? This is one thing I wish the MachE had standard, as well as Sentry Mode.

The website says the Model 3 has 360 camera view. Does that mean I can put camera in mode to see in real time the environment around the car? The MachE has it (called Bird's Eye view) and I find it invaluable when pulling into my garage. Same thing?

Glass - Does the Model 3 LR have double thick glass? Website does not say. I've read mixed from online research. I enjoy this in the MachE and am hoping this is the case as it really cuts down on road noise.

Y glass comes blacked out, does current Model 3? (no need to tint?)

Seats and ride - is ride compared to Model Y more bumpy, harsher, better, same? Comfortable on long road trips? Seats in M3 are identical to Y yes?

Range - is stated range of 358 fairly accurate? What is real world average? My MachE is rated at 270 but I average 304 in ideal conditions. Anywhere near 340 would be great.

If an owner purchases the speed upgrade via the app (I understand this is a thing) can I flip between original 358 range mode and performance so if I want the best range it is still available post upgrade?

I've read Spotify App is buggy. Tracks cut out etc. Is this still a thing? If so, are people using bluetooth to stream music primarily?

Thank you in advance