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Vendor Tesla Model X: Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating & Window Tint

Discussion in 'Florida' started by Auto Paint Guard, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Auto Paint Guard

    Auto Paint Guard Local Vendor - Florida

    Dec 15, 2015
    Proudly serving Tampa, Sarasota and Central Florid
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    This thread is going to be exclusively for the Model X. We will be posting every Model X that we do here so you can see our work, so we can explain in detail what we do to each vehicle, and to show what sets us apart from the competition. We are and have been your trusted, professional, paint protection film installers since 2000. We are here to protect your investment!

    Below are some information sections about the things we offer here at Auto Paint Guard for your Model X:

    Paint Protection Film:

    The paint protection film is designed to stop rock chips, love bugs, and any road debris from damaging the paint of the vehicle. It is an 8mil polyurethane plastic film that we apply to the front of the vehicle where the vehicle is at the biggest risk of receiving damage or to any part of the car that you would like protection. We carry Xpel, Suntek, and Clearshield Pro film brands.The film is warrantied for at least 5 years not to yellow, fade, fog or crack and we remove and replace the film after 5 years for just the cost of removal. We do this so that the film can be easily removed and stays looking great on your vehicle.

    We also wrap all the edges of the film so that there are no seams. This will hide the film and make it invisible. It will also help prevent any edges from lifting down the road.

    The paint on Tesla Models is very soft as many of you may know. This means that it can be easily scratched or chipped because the clear coat is not very hard. Applying paint protection film to at least the high impact areas of the vehicle will help protect the paint and stop this from happening. It can be easily removed at 5 years and the paint will still be looking brand new underneath instead of pitted and chipped from rocks.

    Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating:

    Paint correction is the process of polishing the paint to a level where it removes all the swirls, scratches and imperfections making the paint have a perfect mirror like finish. This is not the same as waxing or polishing that other detailers do. This is a tedious, professional, and very skilled process that takes anywhere from 8 hours to 40+ hours to perform correctly and obtain a perfect finish. Our detailers are experts and among the best in the state at paint correction. Have any doubts? Feel free to stop by and check them out anytime!

    Following the paint correction we apply a Ceramic Coating over the paint and clear bra. The ceramic coating is basically like a clear semi-permanent wax that will increase the gloss and shine, make it so that you don’t have to wax or polish your vehicle for up to 7 years, and make washing maintenance extremely easy. It is super hydrophobic so water beads very well and it will not let dirt, bugs, or hard water stick to the vehicles paint. It is all easily washed off. The ceramic coating is almost like adding a hardened clear coat to the vehicle. It can be applied on top of any paint protection film that we install becoming a second layer of protection. Depending on which one you choose, the ceramic coatings are warrantied to last from 2-7 years.

    Window Tint:

    We also professionally tint windows at our shop. We carry a variety of films from 3M (Including Crystalline), Suntek, and Lumar. If you are looking to block out the heat and keep your car cool 3m Crystalline film is the highest heat blocking film that we carry. It is an IR film and blocks out about 97% of all heat. Our Ceramic films are a great second option blocking out around 56% of the sun’s heat. Our ceramic films come in a variety of shades ranging from 5%-80% light transmission.

    We have tinted many Model X vehicles and have more scheduled in the upcoming months. These are not easy vehicles to tint and should not be trusted to any tint company. We can assure you our level of installation quality comes unmatched in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

    We are running a special right now for your Model X for paint protection film installation. Call us today and mention you saw us on the Tesla Motor Club Forum to get this special price. It is exclusive for TMC forum members only!


  2. Auto Paint Guard

    Auto Paint Guard Local Vendor - Florida

    Dec 15, 2015
    Proudly serving Tampa, Sarasota and Central Florid
    Full Car Protection, Window Tint and Custom Vinyl
    We covered this entire Tesla in paint protection film along with a paint correction and ceramic coating. We then tinted the entire Model X with an IR Window Film and 3M Crystalline on the windshield. This is the highest heat-blocking combination possible.

    This customer wanted a custom look so we wrapped all the chrome trim with gloss black vinyl to match the wheels. We also wrapped the emblems and front grill trim piece black.

    This customer also chose to have the backs of all 4 seats wrapped in paint protection film. Since they are painted they can be scratched very easily by peoples feet or bags. When installed the film is invisible and will protect these areas for years down the road.

    Here is the link to the customer review!

    Take a look at how this Model X turned out!


    Film on the seat backs before:

    And After:

    Installing paint protection film on the doors:

    Custom vinyl being applied to the chrome trim:

    The finished vinyl work!

    After wrapping the emblem in black vinyl:

    We love working on Model X's!

    After paint correction, paint protection and ceramic coating:

    This has been my favorite Model X to date. The finished product turned out so great! We were happy to help this customer achieve their vision of what they wanted out of their Model X!
  3. Auto Paint Guard

    Auto Paint Guard Local Vendor - Florida

    Dec 15, 2015
    Proudly serving Tampa, Sarasota and Central Florid
    Model X Full Front Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating and Window Tint

    This was our white Model X that we completed for a customer last week. We started by polishing the entire car to clean and prep the paint for the clear bra and ceramic coating.

    After the polishing we covered the full front in Xpel paint protection film as well as the rear bumper. We also wrapped all of the wedges for a clean, seamless install.

    We then tinted the front two windows to match the rear in Suntek CXP ceramic window film.

    Finally we coated the entire car and paint protection film with Gtechniq Crystal Serum. This is a coating that is warrantied to last for 7 years. After you have the coating no waxing or polishing is needed! This coating will stay looking the way it is and stay hydrophobic with just regular washing. We also ceramic coated the wheels. This makes them extremely easy to clean and keeps brake dust away!

    Justin and Ryan installing the hood.


    Justin inspecting the hood after installation for any dirt or problems with the film. This is where having a plotter in house is a huge advantage. We are able to do pieces as many times as needed to get it perfect. Most other installers do not have a plotter and buy kits else where. This means they probably only have one shot at getting it right.

    The edges before being wrapped.

    Sitting pretty next to the P90D Model X we did last week.

    We actually were working on 3 Model X at the same time. We love these cars!

    Nice shot of the depth and gloss from the polishing and ceramic coating!



  4. Auto Paint Guard

    Auto Paint Guard Local Vendor - Florida

    Dec 15, 2015
    Proudly serving Tampa, Sarasota and Central Florid
    Model X Paint Protection, Correction and Ceramic Coating

    Another Model X in the books! This one received a full paint correction to remove all the swirls and scratches in the soft Tesla paint. We then installed paint protection film on the full hood, fenders, front bumper, mirrors, and headlights. We then coated all the paint and film with the 7 year Gtechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating.

    Our paint protection film is installed without stretch marks, lift lines, or dirt underneath the film. We settle for nothing less than perfection. We do this by installing difficult parts such as the hood with multiple people. Two sets of eyes are better than one! We also have the ability to modify and plot out new kits if necessary to make sure it is done without flaws.

    Check out our work! We love to hear your feedback and are more than happy to answer any questions you have.


    Bumper halfway through completion.

    Our signature wrapped edges.

    After paint protection and the ceramic coating.

    The Gtechniq Crystal Serum adds tons of gloss. So much so that it looks wet!

    The paint correction also adds depth to your paint. Just look at this mirror!


    More photos showing the shine and gloss added from the ceramic coating.


    And the finished product!
  5. Auto Paint Guard

    Auto Paint Guard Local Vendor - Florida

    Dec 15, 2015
    Proudly serving Tampa, Sarasota and Central Florid
    Blue Metallic Model X
    We installed Xpel paint protection film on the full front of this Model X and tinted the two front windows as well. We are loving this color!




    We are your Model Xperts!


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  6. Auto Paint Guard

    Auto Paint Guard Local Vendor - Florida

    Dec 15, 2015
    Proudly serving Tampa, Sarasota and Central Florid
    On this Model X we installed Paint Protection Film on the Full Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, Front Bumper, and Lights as well as the four seat backs. We also tinted the front two windows to match the rear with ceramic window film. Finally a 7 year ceramic coating was applied to the entire vehicle to bring out gloss and shine as well as make wash maintenance easier.

    Call for questions or a quote today! 813-505-3868

    tesla 1.jpg



    IMG_4526.jpg IMG_4528.jpg

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