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  1. R

    Anyone Ordered From Project Sixth Element?

    I have been digging for the right wheels a s like a few of their offerings, but there is very little out there about the company in general. Anyone use them? https://projectsixthelement.com/ https://www.instagram.com/projectsixthelement?igsh=YzQwOGJ1cnRiNjE3

    CCS Vendor Verification

    "New" Sources of Tesla 'OEM,' Tesla-like, and/or Third-Party CCS1 Adapters Just saw this thread and noticed there's a vendor at Ward claiming to sell OEM CCS adapters. I don't know if they have a shop located there but have a business address of 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814. Can...
  3. Telanon

    Vendor MaxSavr® System for recording & privately replaying Autopilot/driver data

    Has anyone driving your Tesla experienced a strange or dangerous situation, or even a crash? (If you weren’t there, unless there was a crash or traffic ticket, how would you even know?) If so, were you later able to get a clear understanding what the driver &/or Autopilot did in the critical...
  4. Heavy Rain

    Vendor Vroeg in de ochtend, met de eerste blik op je stijlvolle Tesla, kunnen we je hele dag goede maken.

    Na hard werken op onze website en het bereiken van een stabiel aanbod van bijna 70 soorten kwaliteitsproducten, zijn we eindelijk zelfverzekerd genoeg om onszelf aan Tesla Motor Club voor te stellen! We houden van innovatieve dingen, we houden van groen, we houden van de smaak van de toekomst...
  5. Vendor Content

    Vendor Tesla Tetris? Time to Free Your Frunk!

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post from Oscar and Hamish. Do you sometimes feel that packing your Model X or Model S is like playing Tesla Tetris? Tesla Model X and Model S have a huge amount of useable luggage space and areas like the frunk are uniquely shaped which can present...
  6. Vendor Content

    Vendor New Car Prep: How to Give Your Tesla the ‘Full Monty’

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post from Detailed Designs Auto Spa. Purchasing a new Tesla can be an exciting process of researching options, speaking with current owners, visiting Tesla stores, learning how your new Tesla is likely to become a part of your lifestyle and more. Once a...
  7. MountainPass

    Vendor Wednesday March 21 Evening Meetup - SF Bay Area

    Hi Everyone, As we've posted in the Tesla Model 3 section we are hosting a meetup on Wednesday March 21st to meet some of the first Tesla Model 3 owners, and we will have our test vehicle on display with the prototype coilovers we are developing as well as our suspension arms. We're also very...
  8. STEK

    Vendor Model 3 center console help.

    If that piano black center console has been bothering you as it collects fingerprints, dust and scratches we have a great solution. Using our line of fashion films the look and feel of the interior will be changed dramatically. Below you will see our DYNOmatte film as well as the new DYNOcarbon...
  9. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    The best time to protect your new car is when it's BRAND NEW. The very best way to protect your car is wrapping it in self healing, hydrophobic and extremely glossy STEK DYNOshield. DYNOshield is infused with a nano coating during the manufacturing process making it the easiest to maintain...
  10. Murphy’s Law

    Vendor Model 3 jack pad adapter tire service tool

    It took me a few months to get the Model 3 prototype fully tested but here it is ready to go. Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter Tire Service Tool. | eBay Facebook https://m.facebook.com/Teslajackpadadapters/ Model S Tesla Model S Jack Pad Lift Point Adapter Pad Tool For Tire Service | eBay...
  11. skyline

    Vendor Wireless Phone Charging - Poll by Skyline

    Hello, We are in development of a Skyline wireless phone charging solution for the Tesla Model S/X and need your help! Please help us by answering the following poll question as we tidy up the final design. The poll will be active for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, to keep things fun we'll work on a...
  12. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Intro - Updates

    Hi Everyone, Sasha here from Mountain Pass Performance. If you're thinking - WHO IS THIS GUY? Please know that this is a new account that we created! You may remember us from that Tesla powered Lotus Evora that has been around the internet. This post is a little bit of an introduction to...
  13. UnpluggedP


    UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE UP-03 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT FORGED WHEEL PACKAGE FOR TESLA VEHICLES $6,695.00 – $7,995.00 DESCRIPTION In our never-ending pursuit for efficiency through weight savings, we have developed the world’s lightest weight wheel option, designed specifically for the Tesla Model S...
  14. Auto Paint Guard

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 - Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating and Window Film

    The long wait is finally over and the Model 3s are rolling in. A long-term customer of APG, brought in their new Model 3 for paint protection film and window tint. After going over all options, we decided to do the following: Paint Protection Film: Full Hood, Full Fenders, Mirrors, Lights...
  15. T

    Vendor Tesla Model X - Full body custom clear bra installation

    Tesla Model X P100D Full vehicle custom clear bra installation and Gtechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating application. This post is to show Tesla owners how we do our custom clear bra installations. We don't just cut film from a machine and put it on a car. We take the time to make our...
  16. GetYourWheels

    Vendor Wheel Showdown! Vertini RF1.1 vs TSW Chrono

    Wheel Showdown of two similar styles from two different companies! What would you pick? Vertini RF1.1 Construction: Cast Rotary Forged Sizes: 19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 20X8.5 | 20X9 | 20X10 | 20X10.5 | 20X11 | 21X9 | 21X10.5 Finishes: Brushed Titanium | Brushed Silver | Gloss Black | Gloss Black Tinted...
  17. Envious Eric

    Vendor New Model X restored to Better Than New!

    Paint Correction + Envious Detailing + Modesta BC04 This is the highlight reel, head over to the blog for more info and pictures Previous client returned to us with his new Tesla Model X in a black metallic paintjob. This color really looks amazing on this car, without all the swirls and...
  18. Dave@TLC

    Vendor TLC Auto Detail | Tesla Model 3 SunTek Wrap and Modesta Coatings | Northern, VA

    Hey everyone! I wanted to make a new thread for this awesome Tesla Model 3 that we had in the shop a couple weeks ago. We ended up performing a full paint correction, wrapping the entire exterior with SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film, coated the body with Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Paint...
  19. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Exterior Sport Package

    Our Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Sport kit is what we call a great exterior upgrade if you're looking for that "oe plus" look. It's not too subtle, yet not overly aggressive. It's just the right amount of sport for a clean modern sporty look. Our Front Apron for the Tesla Model 3 enhances the...
  20. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler

    Unplugged Performance Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler Price: $695.00 DESCRIPTION The Unplugged Performance Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler is an easy to install upgrade to enhance the visual impact of your Model 3. The front lip attaches using factory attachment points with no cutting or drilling...
  21. skyline

    Vendor Universal phone guide for the Model S & X. Here's how, and why.

    Hello! I would like to share with the community the latest from Skyline! The core to guide our and design and development of aftermarket accessories is you, the users in the TMC community. So based on your input we've designed the Skyline Universal Phone Guides for Tesla Model S & X...
  22. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Seat Upgrade Interior Kit

    T Sportline now offers a Seat Upgrade Interior Kit in Vegan (synthetic) or Leather for the Model 3. Our Seat Upgrade Kit is offered in a variety of colors (White, Red, Tan, Brown, Grey). We offer 3 different patterns, one of which is our three lined Insignia design pattern. A great alternative...
  23. Joseph Torbati

    Vendor We take away the shine! Model X Stealth wrap and Chrome delete

    This was an epic project! Hope you like the video! Thanks for watching Joseph Torbati OCDetailing
  24. SSCustoms

    Vendor New-ish to the TMC Community. Quick Question

    We are SSCustoms a shop in Redwood City CA, right across the bridge from Tesla. We have been working directly with Tesla on special ops projects such as the designs you may have seen on the Tesla.com/vets cars. We are in the early stages in planning something special with Tesla for the Model III...
  25. Murphy’s Law

    Vendor Tesla tire service jack pad adapter tools

    ]Don't puck it up, use our custom specialty tool. Only a exact match tool can give you the confidence in lifting your Tesla without damage. This lift plate adapter gives you clearance both in height and keeps your floor jack away from the $45k battery pack on Tesla Model S. Just a 1/4" too far...
  26. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Ascension Front Fascia System

    This one has been quite a journey! We've been able to share this candidly with a few friends at Tesla to get their opinion but we've never shared this design in public before. Until today. Today is the debut of Unplugged Performance's Model 3 Ascension Front Fascia redesign. This project...
  27. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Dual Rate LOWERING Spring Set

    After 4 months of engineering it is here! Softer than factory spec for cruising around town but when cornering a secondary spring rate kicks in and it becomes firmer than factory spec. Best of both worlds! We’ve created this dual rate spring with a Formula One spring producer. Available in...
  28. EliteFinish

    Vendor *San Diego Cars and Coffee* Feb10th Hosted by the AutoSalon

    Hello Tesla Family, On Saturday Feb 10th, 2018, Elite Finish Detailing, SD wrap, & Auto Armour PPF Inc will host another spectacular Cars & Coffee at The Auto Salon featuring high-end automotive vehicles, aftermarket manufacturing companies, and local dealerships. This event will attract many...
  29. Envious Eric

    Vendor Detailed Designs knocks it out of the park

    Every once in a while, I come across videos that I like and ones that I don't like. Of course, this is one that I like otherwise I wouldn't be posting it. You see, JC and the staff are of higher quality, not volume (although I think they are higher volume these days with the same higher quality...
  30. TSportline

    Vendor Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing Spoiler

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing Spoiler is now available! Free Shipping For Pre Orders within the United States and Canada!
  31. DashCam Bros

    Vendor Group Buy - Thinkware F800 Pro Dual Channel Dash Cam - DashCam Bros

    Hey Everyone, Kenton here from the DashCam Bros team! I think some of you guys on this forum have done business with us before, but as an introduction, we’re a dash cam retailer located in NYC. We’re thinking about doing a group buy here for the Thinkware F800 PRO’s (all black version) which...
  32. SSCustoms

    Vendor Model III wrapped in Bayou (Satin Metallic) Black

    The inspiration came from the Model III launch car. This color looks much better in person. Front and Rear "T" logos were removed for the ceramic coat we applied to the vinyl wrap.
  33. EVS Motors

    Vendor Teslas Representing at the Houston Auto Show 2018!

    The Houston Auto Show 2018 has begun and this is the first year Teslas are representing! There isn't just one but THREE modded Teslas! Here's some pictures of the event! Both Model S' have on the Prior Design PD1000 Tesla Model S Aerokit which changes out the front bumper, side skirts, rear...
  34. Vendor Content

    How Much is a Used Tesla Worth?

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post from Gumtree, an Australian-based classifieds site. Tesla’s are all the rage at the moment. The hot new product that’s super cool…the Apple of the car industry. A brand new Tesla is mostly unattainable for the majority of drivers. However, prices are...
  35. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Silver Tesla Model X: TOO MUCH FUN [video]

    We had a ton of fun with this visit over the summer and finally got around to making a video that shows off some of the process of our full-monty service. I hope you all find it as enjoyable to watch as it was for us to do! Join us on our journey to take a new Tesla Model X 100D from being...
  36. Vendor Content

    Vendor How to Protect Your Tesla From Scratches and Dents

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post from Opti-Coat, which offers a range of professional protective coatings for cars. Tesla cars are at the forefront of electric car design. If you want a car that helps to protect the future of the planet, a Tesla is an excellent choice. It’s true that...
  37. EVS Motors

    Vendor NVX Audio Boost Installed at EVS Motors!

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share my thoughts and experience with the NVX Audio Boost kit for the Tesla Model S. A ton of Model S owners, myself included, have expressed our lack of enthusiasm for the lackluster bass in our cars. This kit is truly the answer to our prayers. Everything you see in...
  38. MoeMistry

    Vendor amptsup's M3 Project @Glistening Perfection - Clear bra and NanoCeramic tint

    hello folks. As many of you locals already know, we are Tesla/Porsche/Ferrari specialists, and have been working on Teslas since the early days of the Roadster. Here's a journey of the first Model 3 we had the pleasure of working on here at the asylum. We lovingly call our shop the asylum...
  39. Vendor Content

    Vendor Watch Out Tesla, There’s a Tough Road Ahead in 2018

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post from Autozin, an online marketplace for cars. As was evident on the December 2017 U.S. electric car sales reports, Tesla may face an intense rivalry this year. Despite the fact that Tesla has been a sensation in the automotive industry with its electric...
  40. SSCustoms

    Vendor Offering Ceramic Pro Deals!

    We now offer Ceramic Pro packages for all Tesla Models. •Permanent Chemical Bonding •Anti Scratch •Super Hydrophobic Effect •Excellent Weather Resistance •UV and Corrosion Resistance •High Gloss + Color Renew •Less Maintenance
  41. T

    Vendor We would like to say - THANK YOU!

    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to the many of you from all across Florida who chose First Impression as the place to have your new or CPO Tesla properly detailed, enhanced and/or protected. 2017 was a great year for First Impression thanks to the many Tesla owners who...
  42. Joseph Torbati


    So we've been super busy with S, X, and 3's! Im confident saying no one has worked on as many 3's as us and wants to share one of the first ones we did! Hope you like it! Thanks for watching Joseph Torbati OCDetailing
  43. EliteFinish

    Vendor From "Damaged to Dapper" Model S Transformation with Elite Finish

    Happy New Years Tesla Family, We are back in high gear at the auto salon, sending out this amazing CQuartz Reserve transformation. Here we have a 2013 Model S P85 Plus. Obviously from the photos this vehicle needed some special attention to return the luster. The owner daily drives this beauty...
  44. T

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 - Clear Bra, Window tint, Ceramic coating

    Tesla Model 3 Full front, rockers and rear bumper custom wrapped in paint protective film clear bra Full window tint treatment Picked up and delivered back to the customer. We are Southwest Florida preferred total automotive surface protection specialists for Tesla owners...
  45. kilocar

    Model 3 Subscriptions & Priority Deliveries

    First of all Happy New Year TMC! At the end of last year and based on our Model S/X fleet size, we put a deal in place with Tesla to purchase up to 500 Model 3s priority delivery in 2018. We're super excited about the possibilities here! The specs for each one are as follows: - Rear-wheel...
  46. TSportline

    Vendor Save up to $500 on Model 3 Wheels

  47. EliteFinish

    Vendor From "Damaged to Dapper" Model S Transformation @ the Auto Salon

    Happy Holidays Tesla Family, We are back in high gear at the auto salon, sending out this amazing CQuartz Reserve transformation. Here we have a 2013 Model S P85 Plus. Obviously from the photos this vehicle needed some special attention to return the luster. The owner daily drives this beauty...
  48. iSun_Energy

    Vendor iSun Oasis, the Smart Solar Canopy Your Tesla Deserves

    EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is a sponsored post from Renewz, a provider of smart, solar canopies. I’m a Tesla owner and fan, ever since I visited the Fremont factory in May 2012 where I saw the very first battery packs being tested. At that time, I was there to help them with designs for their...
  49. Vendor Content

    Vendor Why Should I Monitor My EV Battery?

    EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is a sponsored post from FleetCarma, a connected car technology provider specializing in plug-in electric vehicle applications.  Those of us who own an electric vehicle know that it’s a fantastic experience. EVs show what technological innovation can do, and are becoming...
  50. OP Dann

    Vendor Opti-Coat Advanced Protection for Tesla Vehicles

    EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is a sponsored post from OPT, a provider of paint protection products. As the leading paint protection manufacturer on the market, Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT) has protected the most expensive and the newest cars to enter the market. Paint is the first impression...