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Tesla vs. Thule vs. Yakima bike roof rack for '16 MS75D


I've read the dozen or so threads on racks for bikes applicable to the 2016 MS with panorama roof. I'd love to get the EcoHitch Stealth, but my wife is leery of the modifications, and I'm also not in love with the product's history (yes, I know it was a while ago and that they've made changes) and the fact that I can't see if anything is amiss without removing the bumper, etc. I'm pretty sure a trunk strap-on is not advisable (what I've seen so far involves hooks on the hatch glass, which doesn't seem ideal). And, I'm not up for the SeaSuckers (I'm not confident about them, and I think we'll want too many bikes for it to be economical). So, for three or four bikes, it seems that a roof rack solution is where we're headed (but if anyone has strong views to the contrary, please say so). And, I should say that I'd expect to use this only a few times per year for longer road trips and otherwise would remove it.

Interestingly, Tesla no longer sells their own brand rack for this model year, though you can find them from time to time on eBay for around $400.

We've had good experience with our Yakima hitch bike rack on our Toyota, so we like Yakima (and could use the same keys, etc). I'm not in love with the SkyLine that their site says is the only one that'll fit. But we could live with it.

We've never had Thule, but the Thule Aeroblade Edge looks cool and the closest thing to the Tesla rack.

So, any strong views for any of the above three options or any non-SeaSucker options? Also, at least a few of the racks say to not open the sunroof while the rack is attached. Is that really a problem or is that some kind of legalese?

Thanks for any opinions!

I have the exact same car as you do, and went down this path. I had the Thule (tesla branded) roof rack. It was ok, and I used it for maybe a year. Looked good, yes, but every time I put my bike up on it I cringed that one day I’d drop my bike fork onto the panoramic roof glass and just let loose with profanities.

I ended up selling the roof rack because of this never ending fear. I then installed the Torklift Central hitch

Installation was fairly easy and can be done by any novice. Requires no modifications other than a simple dremel tool to cut out the opening in the rear bumper afterward - and that’s easy and straight forward. Little risk to goof anything up.
I’m much happier with the hitch option and have used it for a couple years now.