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Thoughts on Superchargers After a 2300 mile trip

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We just completed a 2K mile trip from southern IL to southern MD via I-64 (May 9th - 14th) and given all the drama surrounding the SuperChargers we always had a wee bit of angst in our minds as we approached a charging stop. But it turns out it was for naught. Except on one leg, we departed Charlottesville, VA heading to Lewisburg VA (144 miles away) when my wife acting as co-pilot asked what a GRAY icon meant, I told her to tap it to see the notes page, it said the site was "TEMPORARILY CLOSED" with no additional info. So we had to scramble and do some mental math and luckily I overcharged as I usually do and we had just enough extra range to get to the Mt Hope charger 55 miles away. Since then we found one other online post indicating someone else experienced the same issue but he proceeded and was able to charge. He called it a "GHOST ERROR" message.

But it did cement in my wife's mind the value of OVER CHARGING and not trying to arrive in single digits.

as an aside, here are my stats from our trip. We have a 2022 MYP with 18" tires/wheels.

Current Drive = My Vernon IL to our Home (we had to stop for a BIO break but did not charge)
Since Charge = Haubstadt IN to Home
Trip A was our entire trip
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