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Tipping your ceramic coat installer?

I posted this on the Model 3 forum, but given the number of S owners that have coated their cars, I thought I’d post here to see if anyone can share their experience.

My car is getting paint correction, a front wrap and ceramic coated. My detailer is a one man operation, but I believe has one assistant that works with him. I don’t know whether he is helping on my job or not. I tend to tip for most service related things, but this is my first time having this kind of work done and don’t know what is customary. I’m inclined to give something to at least help out the assistant, but don’t want to offend the owner/detailer who set the price for the job.
I just had Xpel on the hood, paint correction, and CQuartz on the entire car. Total was $2,900. I asked the owner if I tipped the guys $100 if that would be cool and he said yeah for sure. It’s a long job for sure, so hopefully someone takes care of them from an hourly perspective.
I love this topic, I had a huge conversation with my boss about this. I had my used Model S new car paint corrected, and CQuartz applied. The guy is a one-man operation from his garage, and I didn't think to tip him. Honestly, it just didn't cross my mind. I referred my boss, who has an incredible AMG E63, who took his car for new-car and CQuartz. He tipped $100, and the detailer was thrilled. Hooked him up with a really cool car-pro travel case with about 8 products and some microfiber as a thanks.

In the end, my referral was better than a tip, but it's funny since I had a huge convo with my boss about this same topic. Glad to hear others are torn :)
I can't remember if I tipped or not.

But, I do remember asking.

I remember it because it was the most awkward thing ever. I think a lot of it had to do with the location, and how it was run. It was likely a larger operation than just a couple guys. Or maybe it was too late.

So I wished I hadn't asked.

I probably wouldn't have thought of it if it wasn't for the TMC forums. It's not like it was on the visa receipt like it is at a restaurant.

Plus it was already pretty damn expensive at least to my pocket book. So it's not like I had money burning a hole in my wallet.
I’m from a non-tipping country, but for big labour jobs with a personal aspect (eg removalist job) I will try to give the guys $100 or so to show appreciation for the sweat.
I reckon wrapping falls into that category. I don’t know how anyone has the patience to do that job.
My installer had a "tip" field in the payment software. I gave $50 but I had XPEL ultimate full front put on and then ceramic coating. I think the prices were high enough a big tip was unnecessary but they did a good job and I wanted to thank them. I've referred several owners as well so that probably was more important to the business than a tip but the employee themselves should get the tip as a thanks.
Ceramic coaters are already probably adding in a service fee into their overall cost, so no, I don't tip.

Agreed, I wouldn't tip. The price usually includes it, unless your going to a huge company where the workers don't make much. IMO, ceramic is easy to apply. Not sure why people pay thousands for it, when you can do it yourself for 100 bucks