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Tire foam delaminating

Has anyone had issues with the 22" tires having the foam delaminating?

My MX was shaking the passenger seats vigorously at highway speeds. I had mobile come out and they said my tires needed to be balanced. Went to a tire shop and they pulled the tire to balance and the computer said it needed 30oz of weight, which is extremely high. They pulled the tire and saw the foam had come off the inside fo the tire.

I reached out to Tesla but I am not sure if this is a common thing, Is there a warranty on the tire after 2 years?

Just looking for some feedback from anyone else who had a similar experience.

Why are you reaching out to Tesla? They don't make tires. They buy tires. Its a tire manufacturer issue. Save yourself some extra work, go straight to the local tire dealer. What is it Good Year? Conties? Brand new 2019 with 10 miles or 2016 that's been on the road? Does not matter. Every car manufacturer would treat this the same. Its not a Tesla issue. Tesla might help you but if its not a brand new tire/car, you are going to pay for tire wear like it was a two year old battery warranty replacement.
i had the same issue and Tesla replaced all 4 tires for free (mileage on the original 22” tires was at 20,100). the pirellis with foam are designed for this car and it’s a defect that shouldn’t be happening. the foam is glued into the inside of the rubber and the adhesive fails and causes it to separate. the vibration was pretty violent at highway speeds.