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TMC iOS/Android App - Is it important to you?

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Aug 15, 2006
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Hi, about a year ago we introduced native iOS and Android apps for the TMC website, after having had that requested for many years. The purpose of this app was to provide access to most (but not all) of TMC's functions and features, with proper push notifications. At the time, iOS still lacked PWA support, so mobile push notifications on iOS was still not a thing, however Apple has since added PWA support.

We are now considering shutting down the native mobile apps as we feel that the mobile web app (in PWA or browser window) is good enough (and in many cases better), especially given that we now have support for iOS push notifications.

Before we make such a move however, we do want to know if the native iOS and/or Android apps are valued by any of you, and if so, why. We can continue to support them, and there are some updates with minor performance and stability improvements that we can push, however we are leaning towards just shutting it down and rather focusing efforts elsewhere.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
I use the app occasionally on my iPad (not that often, I wouldn't miss it), but on my iPhone I use just the mobile browser version.

I know it's heresy talk around here, but I do wish you'd bring back Tapatalk support someday. Every other forum I participate in is on Tapatalk, and it just works really well.