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Toy Models of Model X

4AF454A2-7F1B-4191-80C3-4CD23A8AB918.jpeg 08A85F4E-A63B-48E0-8017-A306ACD9F150.jpeg F0F9B491-64AB-473D-9D51-AA0CF17D909E.jpeg CD264A0B-55E0-478C-AD6B-DE7406512EE0.jpeg Hi there,

I bought a couple toy Model X’s from Amazon two weeks ago. One is the Hotwheels model X in red, the other is a pair of blue and black Model Xs that are bigger and have working falcon doors, frunks, trunks and some kind of mockup image on the 17” screen.

There are some slight panel alignment issues, but I really wanted them so I didn’t refuse delivery. My DS, a postman, had little to offer and I expect not to hear anymore from him now that delivery is complete.

The battery pack is an odd type, it’s AAA, not included (bizzare!) and apparently the lights will come on (good) and it’ll make engine sounds (what the..?). I’ll skip the battery.

They’re badged 90D instead of AAAD.

I found them by searching “toy Tesla model x” and they’re 1:32 scale.

I’ll attach some pictures.

From order conformation to delivery was 2 weeks.



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