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TPMS Sensors

Anyone know what TPMS sensors are compatible with 2021 MS built Nov 2020? Tire Rack used to say that their 433 Mix ones were but now they say they are not. Are the the new Bluetooth sensors? I hate the Tesla rims and want to buy aftermarket but need to figure out the sensors.
As of right now, none of the aftermarkets once work. It appears to be a proprietary version from Tesla. Reach out to TSportline to see if they will sell you a set. They are only selling with wheel & tire setup because they are pretty much backordered via Tesla. If you have a 2021, don't buy aftermarket, they won't connect--trust me!
My Model S is built the exact same month and year and have had to learn a great deal about TPMS after buying aftermarket rims. The sensors are not proprietary to Tesla and are the Continental TIS-01 VDO Redi-sensor, 433 mhz, Sensor Number A2C10262100 (part 1074812-00-B) or A2C10261600 (part number 1034602-00-C). These are for our model year/build date. I believe cars with build date in early 2021 have a different sensor for the S.

But, both work in our cars, the only difference is the 62100 has black/dark grey valve stem while the 61600 has silver valve stem. I have the 61600 in the front two tires, and had to replace the rear sensors and the 62100 work just fine. Here is a link to Continental showing more info on specific sensor number/part number across makes/models for the sensor (I've cut/pasted a screen grab of the Model S portion below):

Here is a link from Continental on info regarding the sensors:

TPMS Video Series – How-to Tech Tips - Redi-Sensor

Continental's customer service is great and you can email them [email protected] or via the Contact Us link on their website.

Difficulty might be that some tire shops may not carry this sensor. Discount Tires tried to sell me some other brand, which won't work. Based on what the Tesla technician told me, you need the Continental TIS-01 sensors. I know TSportline carries them, or you can buy directly from Tesla Service Center for $75 per sensor. I've also seen them listed on tpms.com, but have never bought from them. I'm sure you can find other sites as well. Tesla won't touch aftermarket rims, so you will need to go to a shop to install them if you have aftermarket rims.

Also, I've attached a pic of the 62100 type sensor. I've also attached a pic of the 61600 sensor next to one that was sold to me by TSportline. The Tsportline version does not have the Tesla logo on the side.



Side Note: if you buy aftermarket rims, check to make sure the OE valve stems as installed won't hit your front or rear calipers before you drive off. The front and rear calipers are different sizes, so make sure you check both for clearance. I had to use valve stem adapters aka "shorties" in the rear wheels in order to get clearance. (See last pic)


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