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Trade in values

Looking to buy my 3rd Tesla and trade in/sell existing Model S

Just spoke to my local SC and they told me their buyback had changed, they buy back via a vendor. Seems similar to what I got before when I brought in my 2 ICE's.

The guy said about 4 times that their program had changed and that I may be better off selling privately. It seemed weird to me - as if they are offering far worse than before.

They say they'll try their best, and I understand roughly their incentivization (trying to just make a sale not make $ from my trade-in), but am I walking in to a bad deal? Selling privately sounds stressful and a big reason I'm trading is actually to restructure stress *out* of my life.
You have a couple options other than trading in to Tesla or doing a 3rd party sale. Very simple options which sometimes yield more than Tesla are Carmax, Vroom or Carvana. The last two are very easy and from quotes I've seen, give you the most.

Of those 3, Carmax is the only one I've used. But Telsa will frequently match Carmax quotes, they did for me two months ago. And there has been reports of them matching Vroom or Carvana as well.