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Transfer of ownership speed is slow

New owner of a model 3. Love it! Dealing with no supercharger right now, NOT LOVING IT. Why a customer has to wait 3 to 5 business days to access one of the best things about the Tesla experience is beyond me!
Drove home the used car 226 miles. Got 1 supercharge and now I have a dash warning saying no supercharger available, add payment to account. I've got 2 credit cards just BEGGING to be used and I'm 2 days into transfer of ownership limbo. No such luck. Now scrounging Bettendorf Iowa for a Tesla charger.
I recently transferred ownership when I sold my M3. The buyer had created a tesla account and installed the APP (iPhone). The email confirming the xfer came to me within 5 minutes and then to her very shortly after that. I don't think the whole process took more than 15 minutes.
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We sold a Model 3 last month and the ownership transfer only took a couple minutes from the time I started the transfer until it showed up in the buyer's account. This was at 7 am on a Saturday morning and entirely through the app. We didn't need to upload any documents, rename to car or do any additional steps. In our case, we entered the buyer's info into the app, received an automated confirmation code from Tesla, entered the confirmation code (in seller's app) and the car was removed from our account. The buyer then logged in and confirmed things and the car was added to his account.

I guess there can be a delay if you are going through a reseller and the original seller never removed the car from their account. Then they probably have to handle things like they did years ago and manually review the bill of sale, etc.
Yup - That is my situation. I uploaded paperwork Monday morning. 3-5 days seems vey long. Right now I don't have Supercharging and not yet installed Level 2 charging at the house. So, I am limited on options!