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Trouble Registering 2016 Model X we just purchased

As the title says, we just purchased a used Model X from a used car dealer. We are trying to register the car but it is not allowing us to change the name of the car in the registration process.
The dealer isn’t helping us with getting the previous owner to transfer it to us. Is there any other way around this?

Explain this bit please?
U can't change a name on MCU?..
Correct. In the car it is locked. I can’t get past this step in the picture without changing the cars name.


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Correct. In the car it is locked. I can’t get past this step in the picture without changing the cars name.
i've never heard of anyone not being able to change the name....
maybe if the car thinks its locked (lock icon top left)...
what happens when u click "change veh name"? any messages or pop ups?

For others, this is the step needed to get access thru Tesla app when u don't have access to previous owner
I've done it n it took 5min after submitting pics of docs n changing name.
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Here is a picture of our screen. The current name of the car is loaner, but it’s not highlighted and does nothing when I press it. I can’t see anything to unlock the name.

It’s just with Tesla I’m having trouble with registration. This is our first Tesla so the process is very new.


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I did see few cars on salvage auctions with "Loaner" for name...
Maybe its an Easter egg Name 😂

I think a trip to Service center might be needed if Factory reset is not fixing it, have u done it?
Only other thing is maybe Software re-deploy from Service mode will fix it..
There's a thread on Reddit about Loaner being added to app, so i bet Tesla locked the name change for obvious reasons...
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We called Tesla customer support and they were able to register the car to us that way.
To get rid of the loaner name and be able to do a factory reset we were able to set up a service appointment and they were able to reset it to where we now are able to do those things.
They did it for free when we also had a key made which was very nice.
So far the service from Tesla has far exceeded my expectations.
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