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Trustpilot UK reviews

I understand your worries pdk42. My experience was that the customer information PRIOR to getting the car was abysmal, lack of information about when it would be here, how to pay etc but once I had a delivery date everything changed. I had excellent service from them notifying me that the car was ready for collection etc and the pick up was really smooth.

My advice is go for it and you will not regret the decision to buy a Tesla. I'm still on cloud 9 with it!
There's a tendency for people who're upset to leave reviews more than happy satisfied customers. Just human nature. So far my experience has been generally very good, although I haven't (quite!) got the car yet, so can't comment on after-sales service. I think some people tend to overstate how good the major (German) premium manufacturers are at customer service. I've personally found Audi to be a pain in the backside to deal with - my order for a new car from them took four months and even then they got the spec wrong, and I didn't hear anything for three of those four months, so Tesla have comfortably exceeded this experience (assuming my car arrives smoothly as planned on Saturday).

Clearly there are some issues and some people have had poor experiences, but I'm not going to get too concerned over 168 reviews over 5 years, especially when 38% are very positive.

Depends on your expectations really. One of the recent reviews seem to be very upset that the sales team wouldn't drive a car out to his home to test it out on his drive. Given the number of new customers/deliveries going on at the moment I'd consider such a request to be a long shot at best, certainly a 1* review if they couldn't accommodate this seems a little unreasonable to say the least.

Right now is crazy busy time, so I'd expect a few people to be a bit disgruntled if they can't get the attention they think they deserve. I'm sure it will improve once the waiting list for M3s gets down to more normal levels and the teething troubles with the massive amount of new cars delivered recently get sorted out.
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Just look at audi.co.uk, BMW.co.uk or Mercedes-Benz.co.uk on that same site, and I don't think you should be overly concerned.

But yes, I do hope (and expect) customer service and service scheduling times to improve over next 6 months, it has to... right??
This makes such depressing reading:

Tesla is rated "Poor" with 2.0 / 5 on Trustpilot

Please someone tell me it's not this bad! I'm supposed to be collecting Mon but this stuff scares the sh1t out of me!

Well if all reviews aren’t positive then they need to work on it as although positive people don’t leave reviews as often it doesn’t mean negative reviews are acceptable.

This service app thing is pretty useless, especially when the service centre gets in contact and then doesn’t respond.

So right now for me staff/service 1/5 but the car 5/5
I’d filter out the extreme negative and extreme positive reviews. The truth is always somewhere along the middle.

Delays and poor customer communications do create poor perception of a brand but it’s not the whole story. What Tesla have done and are doing, others are copying and following.

Apple, air bnb, google, eBay, Uber, Amazon.... you can add Tesla to that market/industry disruptor group.

Just set your expectations that there will be some minor hiccups and delays along the way but you will end up with a fantastic car if you are patient enough.

If you don’t like the car after taking delivery return it within 7 days/1000 miles for a refund. Wonder if anyone has actually done this...