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Model X 2020 and enhanced autopilot

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Been driving Tesla’s for 4 years now, originally Model X, briefly a 3, and the last 18 months in a Model Y.

All with standard autopilot.

I’ve just had the option to get a 2020 X100D - very excited to back into an X.

I’m contemplating upgrading to the enhanced autopilot.

Question, does this actually get me the lane change / auto park / summon?

I see a lot of stuff but not sure if it’s UK/US specific. With the ‘vision based’ stuff some functionality has been temp lost.

Does this affect UK? Does this impact my 2020 Model X (I.e does it even support the vision based stuff)

I hope all this makes sense.

I had enhanced autopilot on my old 3 and didn’t bother with it when I upgraded to a Y, I honestly don’t miss it and wouldn’t bother again.

For lane changes because you need to confirm the proposed lane change each time because of European regs etc I didn’t actually find it any less hassle than regular autopilot.

Used summon a grand total of once because I don’t tend to park in narrow spots anyway to avoid door dings and more European regs mean you need to be standing within Bluetooth range so you may as well just get in the car.

Autopark is really hit or miss and rarely worked when I wanted it so probably used it less than 5 time in the 3 years I had it available.

If you can deal with all that then the 2020 X should get all the features because it has the ultrasonic parking sensors rather than relying on the Tesla vision for everything which has limited functionality in newer models.

Personally I’d say save the money, but your call.
I have FSD (such as it is!).

Auto lane change can be hit and miss. On some journeys it works flawlessly. Other times the cameras are blocked or blinded it doesn’t work at all or for some reason, perhaps map related, it refuses to recognise that it is on a two/three lane road and ALC just isn’t available.

I do agree that shutting AP off, changing lane and re-engaging AP is a faff and is the result of woeful implementation. My 2018 Ioniq only needed the indicators on and it allowed manual lane change and restored lane keep automatically. Way better!

Regrettably the same is is true of summon and Autopark. Neither are trustworthy. I would save your money.
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I just used enhanced autopilot as part of the FSD trial. I have always used and was confident in Autopilot. Yesterday I was driving south on I95-S in VA. I was returning to the right lane after passing a truck. I used the short turn signal push and waited for the car to return to the right lane. When it did the turn signal was still active and there was an exit. The car left the highway and hit the exit ramp at 75 mph. Yikes. Can’t wait for this to be deleted on my car so I get my normal Autopilot back. This stuff still has a long way to go to deal with all scenarios. FSD on two lane 55 mph highways is scary since it is biased to the left side of the lane. I drive on many 40 mph roads with no lane markers. The FSD hints and pecks. Still just a novelty item IMHO.
EAP in the US and UK are very different things and not really comparable.

It has its problems but as my journeys are 99% motorway it's just about worth it for me to avoid the constant "bing-bong-bong-bing" whenever you change lane. It's better than it was.