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TSB for Heater Issue - anyone making use of it?

We saw this article on the Heater TSB and were curious if others on this forum are making use of this program or if the TSB is officially rolled out (to fix heating issues)

Having seen above-normal concerns about Model Y heating posted on forums like this, we've been reticent to place an order for a Y. We had similar behavior on our 2018 CR-V (over-rich fuel map caused oil dilution in colder climates and Honda was glacially slow to roll out to regular climates which were also having similar oil dilution issues). I wound up changing the oil every 2500 miles to avoid long-term bearing damage, and oil volume would grow about a quart by the time 2500 mi rolled around. Not looking to endure similar frustrations on a Model Y, esp. on an important component here in the Pac NW (not just comfort but safety from de-fogging).

Thanks in advance,