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UMC Cradle Options

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This thread was created from posts split from the following thread: Organize your UMC: Controller Wall Bracket

I bought this and it works great. Does exactly what it is supposed to do, fits and looks great. Both my Teslas are getting the royal treatment.
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Looks like one 14-50 plugged into an HPWC? So an underutilized Wall connector (HPWC)
Photo 2 is uploaded from an iPhone? So it's 90 off? Why can't Apple fix that?

The photo was uploaded from my computer. and I tried to rotate it on the web page but no way to do it. We us 1 UMC to charge both cars at different times. The purpose was to show the holder and how neatly it has integrated the plug, the holder and a hook to wrap the cables around. I am very satisfied with this rather than having it laying on the floor.
Just wanted to post another option for organizing the UMC. Found this pair of U hooks with screws for $7.79 at Lowe's. Very simple to install and can be used in sheetrock or studs. I used one to keep the weight off the plug and the other to support the cable. Wrapped the cable loosely as I've heard heat increases if it's tightly coiled.

Below is a link to Amazon for product details:

Tornado U2000 Extended Drywall or Stud Mountable U-Hook, 2-Pack Amazon.com: Tornado U2000 Extended Drywall or Stud Mountable U-Hook, 2-Pack: Home Improvement

Sorry for the quality of pictures below but it gives you an idea of what it looks like:



The piece from UberEV1 is nice looking and no doubt works well. I found a solution on a "shoestring budget" ...
The hook is from Home Depot (less than $2) the rest are "found parts." Getting the weight off the NEMA 14-50
was important to me ... aesthetics less so ... :wink: