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Unsung hero J.B. Straubel

I am not going to revive the closest thread as it's embarrassingly dusty, for this man is truly fantastic and deserves better from us :p though a link shows ruh-spect !
JB Straubel Appreciation Thread
Another recent thread, but simply without enough JB praise:
Tesla CTO JB Straubel on Autonomous Vehicle and Battery Tech

Our cool nerdy-cocky genius was recently in the news for his investment in a cold storage battery for refrigeration:
Tesla CTO JB Straubel Joins Investment Round For Axiom Exergy’s “Refrigeration Battery”
It's exciting to hear some "simple" solutions for our sustainable revolution. Saving money and improving our air, reducing costs and waste, are something it seems to me only dark people would resist (more about the car business below lol).

Instead, JB and his teams are helping folks like me get excited about more than just amazing vehicles. But for now there's still a long way to go before I can enjoy taking a breath in my Tesla windows down and roof open while sitting in highway traffic, or facing down a carcinogenic cloud from a "Hybrid" bus. There are so many ways we can improve. And the car business is like Hollywood: both glamorous and ugly.

And finally, I'd like to thank JB for helping to normalize the new business look of button down shirt without tie, with T-shirt underneath for the special occasions, high stress, hot lights etc. ;)

(edit: oops I think it's JB not J.B. oh well too late for me to change the title. Poor search engines lol)
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