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Used model X

Just thinking out loud.
I had a reservation for a model 3 but when it was released without white seats I cancelled.
I had saved up 60k and ended up buying a rental property that is doing well now and given me some equity in it over the last 2 years.
Now this year i want to get a Tesla , i was thinking of waiting for a 7 seat model y but who know if that will happen this year.
I have started thinking about a used model x ( 7 seat ).
I am thinking if i can get a x for under 100k I might just do that.
Any thought on if this is just a dream.
Any ideas on where to look , I have only been looking at carsales .
Also does all Australian Model x have the ability to have FSD . I know the MCU 1 but this can be upgraded.
So 2017 wont have FSD ?
does someone know of a link that gives a break down of model x changes
I have see a few on carsales getting close to the 100k mark. yes might not happen but lets see
All cars from late 2016 (September?) have the “hardware capable for FSD”
So if you want to ‘future proof’ your car, buy one from then on. When you pay the $10,100 upgrade (or cheaper by negotiation with Tesla if it has Enhanced Autopilot), you book an appointment with Tesla to upgrade the computer to V3.0-FSD