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vms-vds comms fault id:1900

Hello. I'm Noguchi.

Error display, vds screen and meter needle imdosity while driving.
You can run.
Please tell me what to do.

①vms-vds comms fault id:1900

②no response to request to change charge mode id:2017

③TC orange lamp on


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Hello Noguchi,

you have the same error message id:1900 as in this post 12v dead? Can't start car. .
In that case a hard reset of the VMS solved the issue.

I have no experience with these failures myself and can only guess to reasons behind. I suppose that if the VMS or essential programs running on it have crashed, a number of error messages are possible. If that is the case here, a soft or hard reset may resolve all the current issues until next time the condition that caused the crash reappear.

You may try to pull logs and analyse them. The challenges are that if the VMS is sufficiently dysfunctional in the current state, it will not dump logs, and if it does, you most likely will not receive the notification about it on the VDS because the VDS-VMS communication is not working.

These are merely suggestions for what you can do. Providing a Tesla service center with you diagnostic information above and asking for advice is hardly wrong either.

The VMS, VDS, and Instrument Cluster are on the same CAN bus. It seems the symptoms you have are indicative of a fault on that bus.

I suggest power cycle of the VMS (unplug, wait, re-plug) - instructions elsewhere on this forum. If that doesn't fix it, then it'll need a service to find out the cause.

Thank you for the comment.
VMS reset, blue and black connector removed, re-set up.
VDS error display. Same. We'd like to thank you.



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Nasty. So definitely that CAN bus has a problem. It could be either a faulty module (VMS, VDS, Instrument Cluster, TPMS, Diagnostics Connector / OVMS, are all on that bus) or a cabling/connector issue.

If you have anything plugged into the diagnostics port, perhaps try to unplug and see if resolves? Other than that, it is going to need a technician to unplug some modules and test the wiring harness, to identify which is causing the problem.

FYI: Attached is the CAN bus diagram for the roadster. The instrumentation (aka "Driver Feedback") is shown in light blue, bottom right. When the touch screen (aka VDS) can't communicate with the VMS, it outputs that error.

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