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Vorsteiner front spoiler installed pics

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Just some pics of my front spoiler before and after installation.

Let us know if theres an efficiency hit, looks great! thanks

It’s hard to tell because winter is coming in WA. I cannot differenciate wh/mi increase caused by low temperature vs more drag.

However according to UnpluggedPerformance’s simulation, a correctly designed front lip should be able to increase downforce while REDUCING drag. I think it is because the effective length of the body is increased, so that air take less divert to go around the body. Not sure how my lip is designed compared to UP’s, but the overall rule should be similar.

I don’t think Model 3 need those lip protectors. The distance from front lip to front axle is much shorter compared to wheel base. Which means any angle that won’t scrap the bottom should never scrap the front lip.
I have it installed the second month buying the M3P. The efficiency is as good as SR+ on the hwy.

I don't believe there is a good way to protect the lip, with lowered suspension, you can't really enter any underground parking lot.